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Love Horoscope: Taurus - April 21st - May 21st
Love Horoscope: Taurus - April 21st - May 21st

Taurus-borns have incredible sex appeal. But how do they tick in partnerships and which zodiac sign suits them?

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

They have an advantage under the Taurus-born zodiac sign, they have an irresistible charm and amazing sex appeal that they can maintain into old age. Provided you are very careful about your weight and not trying to get fat. Although a few pounds too much on the ribs cannot harm a Taurus, since the most attractive people are to be found among the Taurus-born. Taurus can be real romantics in love. On appointments or if you find the desirable person to be your equal, you can show off with gifts and small attentions, as well as a nice "candle light dinner". Furthermore, they like to rush headlong into a love affair, take a lot of time, observe and then explore each other closely about the other person. They are also very passionate, persistent and at the same time sensual in love. Because a "fast number" in the car is usually not for such a lovable Taurus.

Taurus in partnership

In terms of partnership, Taurus likes to commit itself for life. It could happen pretty quickly according to the motto “and the wedding bells ring softly”. He is an absolute family animal, longs for security, children and a cozy home. He treats his partner with absolute loyalty and physical passion. Once the Taurus is married, or the partnership has become solid, there is often a shortcoming that Taurus brings with them, they regard their spouse as their property. For this reason, the partner of a Taurus should clearly define the boundaries at the beginning to prevent the Taurus from narrowing. These ownership claims of the Taurus stem from the Taurus’s willingness to have lasting relationships. So the partner should be aware of this and clarify for himself whether he feels the same as the Taurus in order to save him a lot of grief.

"Taurus Woman in Love"

Basically, the subject of “love” is not a problem for her, because a Taurus woman is a “master” in this area from an early age. As a Taurus-born she knows about the first-class value and the use of all her sensory organs in "love play". She has a whole range of female seduction skills in her repertoire where a man will not be disappointed. But first she will examine her chosen one carefully and examine whether he is worth it at all to receive her attention. This stems from their security thinking in material areas and extends to all other spheres of experience. The Taurus woman actually wants her body all to herself. Should she share this with a partner, he or she has to come up with unusual things (gifts?) As a "thank you" so that he can appease a Taurus woman. Any effort or attempt at flirtation, nice attentions, etc. are definitely worthwhile with a Taurus woman, because no other zodiac representative is so tenderly empathetic and sensual at the same time. With her benevolent look, the Taurus woman likes to overlook the small weaknesses of her partner and is always eager to provide all kinds of sensual refinements, especially in the culinary field. Thus she is an extremely tolerant and loving partner where the partner has to come up with something again and again so that the Taurus woman does not get too bored with him.

Taurus woman and Aries man

For the Taurus woman, the Aries man is a delightful proposition because he is the "epitome" of a spontaneous lover for her. She doesn't like it at all when he has other or other female acquaintances, since jealousy and suspicion are one of her strongest qualities. If she should manage to keep these characteristics under control, to dampen her “want-to-have” structure and to leave him “on a long leash”, this could result in a relationship that is stimulating for both sides and never boring at the same time to develop. For him it represents a worthwhile "object" of perpetual conquest. Through mutual efforts, a highly spiritual, more spiritual partnership can be established here. An ideal constellation, or rather love for life, when both partners have fully developed levels of consciousness.

Taurus woman and Taurus man

The beginning of this partnership constellation can also mean the end at the same time, since both are habitual people. Since they both long for security and security, they spend too much time at home. Over time, both partners develop the feeling of being too close to each other and this leads to both smaller and larger problems, where the solution lies more in spontaneous and decisive behavior. However, due to years of (k) life together, both are no longer able to do so. This then requires fundamental changes and usually brings about drastic renewals (termination of the partnership).

Taurus woman and Gemini man

In the first moment the Taurus woman thinks, "What does he really want from me?" And in the second moment he seems too superficial and not believable enough. However, once both of them have survived their first acquaintance problems, nothing stands in the way of a brisk and eventful relationship. However, since the Gemini man is a so-called "player", the Taurus woman can finally get him to play with open cards. This can result in a partnership where both have enough to learn and to enrich one another. His pragmatic thinking has an extremely positive effect on her. So he can be her advisor in matters of decision-making and she can advise him with an expertly sensual nature in the area of the physical and emotional level of emotions.

Taurus woman and Cancer man

An extremely ideal partnership based on tender, intimate love and great trust. The Taurus woman sees in him an eternally young lover who, even in old age, still tries to live his dreams and longings for all-embracing love. But there is a small drawback here too: jealousy! Since this constellation appears so intimate and close, the fear of losing the partner is so great. For this reason, there is a very good chance that at some point watching out for signs of separation will develop.

Taurus woman and Leo man

A partnership is only possible if the very high demands on both sides complement each other. The danger that after a long time both of them accuse each other of not loving each other after all or that they were wrong about the other is very high. Both attach great importance to outward appearances that should represent the actual value of the personality outwardly. For this reason, this constellation should be viewed as superficial. This behavior costs both partners a lot of energy, which should actually benefit the inner soul and character development. If both have learned this (cosmically very seldom the case), nothing stands in the way of a strong partnership.

Taurus woman and Virgo man

The Taurus woman will admire him for his business acumen, exclusive and quite expensive lifestyle. In this astrological constellation, both experience clear security and show resilient stability, which is a reasonable matter. However, if the Virgo man is an inexperienced lover, the Taurus woman will not show any interest, because she wants to be seduced with all the refinements.

Taurus woman and Libra man

A promising passion that does not develop into a partnership in the long run, as each of them is just waiting for their own satisfaction. Due to the strong Venus emphasis on both zodiac signs, the male driving force that allows the passive Libra man to become active is clearly missing here. There are also some misunderstandings. Those arise because of the too realistic, inelastic thinking ability of the Taurus woman and the mental indecision of the Libra man. Of course, a successful partnership can develop from this, only if issues are openly criticized and both partners can develop personally as a result.

Taurus woman and Scorpio man

The Scorpio man skillfully understands how to exploit the worries and needs of the Taurus woman for his sensual pleasure. Because she is the epitome of female desire where he only has to give a lot of “fire and tinder” to stage a pleasure experience and she lets herself into this “adventure”. This can lead to an exciting, lifelong partnership with many adventures. However, this depends on the mutual, yet to be learned ability to stay out of the personal and intimate affairs of the partner from time to time.

Taurus woman and Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man sweeps through the life of a Taurus woman and overlooks her remaining reservations about him and thus spreads his adventurous life in front of her. In the course of time she learns to appreciate and love him more and more and if she manages to captivate him, she has won and nothing stands in the way of an exciting partnership.

Taurus woman and Capricorn man

Basically a rational partnership that can expand into marriage. Common goals in life, peace, order and sensuality are the order of the day. For the Taurus woman, however, the principled Capricorn man must be able to offer her material security, then it will work splendidly.

Taurus woman and Aquarius man

Rather a rare partnership constellation, as the Taurus woman finds it too eccentric and freaky. Furthermore, he is not so easily seduced because fundamental difficulties with his emotional world are predominant. He rather appreciates the great freedom intoxicating love without restriction and not infrequently takes on the position of the "eternal clown". A very unsatisfactory and arduous partnership for both sides, as mutual wishes remain unfulfilled.

Taurus woman and Pisces man

A very harmonious combination of stable psyche and emotionality. Both complement each other perfectly and harmonize perfectly with each other. In this partnership she is his honest support and his moral support and he is her friendly and tender source of life, because the Taurus woman finally gets to know someone who can literally hold a candle to her. The secret exchange of souls between the two remains mostly hidden from the public. So a rather rare, but dreamlike relationship that should be carefully nurtured. The only shortcoming lies buried here in the hypocrisy of a Pisces man and in the "want-to-have behavior" of the Taurus woman. Otherwise a thoroughly satisfactory partnership for both sides.

"Taurus Man in Love"

He is a born connoisseur and at the same time also a lazy person who has to be irritated and annoyed for an extremely long time until he really gets really pissed off. Especially when it comes to starting a family, he can really tackle it and mutate into a workhorse. Actually, the Taurus man is a very nice guy with a soft and big heart, especially for his beloved. Taurus men are easily vulnerable, open, but also very compassionate “basic types”. They are also familiar with all "pleasures" when it comes to food. Nevertheless, their tendencies to tie up are quite pronounced. Therefore, they can hardly break acquaintances, friendships or romantic relationships on their own.

Taurus man and Aries woman

Due to its physical and emotional charisma, it already offers enough charms for the Aries woman. In this constellation, however, it depends entirely on the Taurus man to take active action to convince the Aries woman that she would like to live with him for the rest of her life in his materially secure world. However, sometimes he would like to enjoy his rest phases and fixed rituals in the partnership are the alpha and omega for him. With these fixed rituals he compensates for his burgeoning fear of everything new. He needs a woman at his side who is willing to step into the bottom sometimes. For this reason, he would be in good hands with an Aries woman, provided she also enjoys it and makes her more homely and he less jealous.

Taurus man and Taurus woman

At first impression it is a partnership that is very emotional and stable. In the long run, it should be very promising, if it weren't for the stubbornness and stubbornness of both partners. Both have to learn to renounce egoism, righteousness and one-sided satisfaction of needs, because only in this way can this partnership last for a long time. If both partners have fulfilled this and learned something new, nothing stands in the way of a material and sensual, sometimes lifelong partnership.

Taurus man and Gemini woman

In this constellation, there will be a sustainable and future-oriented partnership in the rarest of cases. A few nice flirts and a little verbal tension are to be expected here, however, as the spheres of experience are very different and this can lead to misunderstandings one after the other. Of course, a typical Taurus man offers a mature Gemini woman the shoulder she needs to lean on and feel secure. If this phase lasts longer than weeks / months, the Taurus man has probably won and the freedom-loving Gemini woman has got used to this partnership constellation.

Taurus man and Cancer woman

If there is a strong partnership between Taurus man and Cancer woman, this is permanent and preprogrammed for a blessing of many children. Because the Taurus man offers the Cancer woman the support that she so urgently needs in her life. One can truly call this constellation a sensually sensitive love affair, which even after years and even decades has still not reached its peak, because this couple will never completely lose their lust for each other. If this relationship is lived skillfully by both, fulfillment is guaranteed to both.

Taurus man and Leo woman

Only in the rarest of cases is there an extensive and peaceful relationship for both sides. The proud Leo woman, however, represents an object of pleasure for the Taurus man. Both of them like to be conquered by the other, because they feel themselves to be very valuable and superior and for this reason there is a "status quo" where both get more and more angry and close each other and finally get out of the way. This represents an insurmountable hurdle for both of them, because this relationship is difficult to get going. Out of pure love, the two are unlikely to stay together here, more likely material and sensual motives weld both closer together.

Taurus man and Virgo woman

From this an exemplary partnership develops where both parties get their money's worth. The smart Virgo woman knows how to cleverly steer the materialization need of the hard-working Taurus man in the right direction, so that he can learn a lot here. So both of them stand firmly in life together and like orderly and secure relationships over time.

Taurus man and Libra woman

Basically, this is a constellation that consists of constant misunderstandings in the spirit of partnership. The seductive Libra woman usually only has her external appearance and its impact on the environment in mind. For the Taurus man, the physical and emotional component of their personality is missing here. It is precisely for these reasons that misunderstandings occur here constantly, because the "airy" aspect of a Libra woman is intangible for the Taurus man. However, if the Taurus man is a "man of the world" and hardly shows any jealousy towards the Libra woman, nothing stands in the way of a dynamic and varied time with her. If he is also an excellent patron and promoter of her talents, she will develop further and be grateful to him for all time.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman

An extreme partnership on all levels. The tremendous, sensual erotic tension and almost magical attraction naturally tempt both to plunge into this "adventure". But mostly a literally pronounced "relationship battle" arises from this, because the Scorpio woman is the desiring, active female devoted Mars representative with a strong Venus emphasis and on the other hand the Taurus man with his sensual quality as a Venus representative with an emphasis on Mars. So a tingly erotic, but at the same time very exhausting combination of both partners, as both can also be very jealous and power-hungry.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman

A neutral / outsider would perceive this constellation as a tragic comedy. The spectacle that is presented here can be imagined as follows, "the ponderous bull, tries desperately to overtake a brisk shooter on a wide, boundless level". Once the Taurus man has really lived out his life with the Sagittarius woman in the first days of love, she is in the mood for a new adventure again, because she cannot stand the limits that a Taurus man sets for her at all. And suddenly the Taurus man in love notices that he is standing all alone in the wilderness. This is a bitter experience for him, of course, but it's not wrong either. Here he is learning for the first time in his life that his extreme expectations towards her are a reflection of his not yet fully developed ego structure.

Taurus man and Capricorn woman

Here the Taurus man gives the naturally brittle and reserved Capricorn woman some of his exuberant and exuberant zest for life. She thanks him for this with a lot of expertise and a determined sense of success. A thoroughly affectionate, loving, lovable and affectionate partnership that takes place without any major disputes. The beautiful idyll could be tarnished by melancholy and profound perspectives and negative thoughts. Since both belong to the element earth, they could very quickly accumulate mental and spiritual ballast. In addition, neither of them are quick starters, but this is why this partnership-like constellation fits extremely well.

Taurus man and Aquarius woman

If the Taurus man is a consummate “artist of life”, he can definitely “acquire” a strong, eccentric and, above all, headstrong Aquarian woman. If he doesn't, he'd better keep his hands off her, as both could act like two different pairs of shoes here. In addition, with this constellation, the Taurus man could constantly reproach an Aquarian woman for her love for extravagant luxury goods. If, despite all adversities, the initial hurdles and difficulties in this partnership have been overcome, a lot of effort leads to a stable structure with a lot of energy.

Taurus man and Pisces woman

A tingling partnership that develops between Taurus-man and Pisces-woman. A sensual exchange of energy leads to lively and emotional conversations between the two, from which both can learn a lot. For the Pisces woman, a Taurus man is exactly the right partner, where she learns to keep her emotional outbursts under control, because he catches them with his casual, skilfully sober and pragmatic sensual manner. In this way, he helps her to contain too many feelings and she can use her emotional world to bring his set desires and goals on the road to success. A so-called love for life arises between the two, because no other female representative of the zodiac can so easily evoke this feeling of being absolutely needed as the lovable Pisces woman.

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