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Love Horoscope: Cancer - June 22nd - July 22nd
Love Horoscope: Cancer - June 22nd - July 22nd

The Cancer-born takes care of his treasure! Here you can find out how Cancer ticks when it comes to love and which zodiac sign suits him best!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

A Cancer completely relies on his feelings when flirting. Anyone who does not seem likeable to him straight away is guaranteed not to reap a second look. Cancer falls in love at first sight and it is not that easy to get rid of it. He tries to conquer his flame with caring and protective thinking and all his sentimental feelings come to the fore, paired with sensitivity and the strong emotionality typical of cancer. He cannot do enough for his “treasure”, cannot care for it enough and life takes on a whole new meaning. If there is a desire to have a child, or if someone born with cancer wants to start a family, they will do everything possible to achieve this goal. But do not immediately rush into a relationship head over heels for this wish to come true. Here they react extremely cautiously. Because Cancer-borns are extremely romantics, the partners will have extraordinary experiences with a Cancer in the course of their relationship. In the course of time you should be able to adjust to some of the dramaturgy of a cancer. Whether you can cope with it depends on your own personality. If you like to be looked after around the clock and if you prefer domesticity to the hustle and bustle of the party, you've come to the right place.

Cancer in a partnership

For Cancers, love never ends, which is why they want their partners to be to themselves. Even with resentment and intrigue, they never cease to love, but can become cruel enemies, the impulses of which arise from spurned love. Cancers are strong family people, so they absolutely need a partner who has as much desire to have children as they do. In principle, Cancers are wonderful parents, but they find it difficult to let go as the child grows. The caring and protective side of a Cancer can be cramping pretty quickly. You become the mother hen that constantly asks your partner if he needs anything else. Cancer-borns are constantly worried about their partner when he crosses the street, when he cuts bread with a sharp knife, even when walking down the stairs. This could quickly lead to differences, so it would be wise to get this out of the world beforehand, especially with zodiac representatives who need freedom. Ending a relationship with a Cancer can be very difficult because the Cancer stubbornness cannot say goodbye and therefore does not accept this situation. He will cling to the partner, not letting go of him in the hope that something will change or that time will heal all wounds or the partner does not have an affair after all. Just like the motto "hope dies last". Cancers must learn to draw a line!

"Cancer Woman in Love"

The Cancer woman is the one who can very well correspond to the original principle of a fully developed and natural “full blood woman”. This makes them irresistible and desirable and also has a strong and emotionally binding power of love, which can also degenerate into an exaggerated “love” for children and their partner. They love a man who is just as sensitive as they are, peppered with enough aggressiveness to make their dreams come true. So you need a very sensitive and emotionally stable partner who shows warmth and at the same time sensitive features of a gentleman. She also needs strong emotional courage to go on her own path in life again and to leave her partner, who is basically not one.

Cancer woman - Aries man

Actually a heartwarming and invigorating partnership for both sides, if it weren't for certain initial difficulties with misunderstandings and excessive hectic pace. She fears for the salvation and the purity of her soul world that can be influenced and this can lead to her withdrawing and showing no feelings. This drives the Aries man mad and he will pull out all the stops to convince you of himself.

Cancer woman and Taurus man

At first glance, this constellation is a sensible and stable affair of the heart where the main problem lies in the Taurus man's sensual, emotional passivity, because everything runs in his usual calm channels. Whether she likes it in the long run is questionable, because she would like to be carried on hands, but she will be able to stimulate the Taurus man to change a bit.

Cancer woman - Gemini man

The shrewdness and talented cunning of the Gemini man will inspire you and both will feel strangely intellectually stimulated and spiritually challenged. But his plan is in the sensual area, which will mostly disappoint you. His superficiality will usually be enough for her after the first time, because she actually longs for a tender, romantic lover.

Cancer woman and Cancer man

Here it only leads to a lasting relationship if both have understood the true nature. Too much emotional life is gathered here in one place, whereby both can also cling strongly, which means that there is hardly any energy left for other problems. If she succeeds in developing her femininity within herself, it will be an extremely intimate partnership for both sides.

Cancer woman, Leo man

Both combine in a successful way. They will carry each other on each other's hands and result in one heart and one soul. A truly radiant “ruling couple”. A lifelong and fulfilled partnership with many children, provided that the Cancer woman can withstand his "paschal" behavior over time and he can withstand the nerves that occur.

Cancer woman and Virgo man

This is where the female desire for a stable emotional bond and the male urge for an adorable, sensual, emotional woman meet. This partnership will stand up to all odds. For the Cancer woman a calming and smoothing partnership develops and for the Virgo man it promises sensual emotional fulfillment.

Cancer woman - Libra man

In the long run there will only be problems here, because her emotional and spiritual imbalance as well as ambiguity and lack of sense of responsibility arouse constant mistrust in her. Two opposing spheres of experience collide, because she wants emotional security at home and he wants his needs to be satisfied. This leads to even deeper misunderstandings whereby this partnership is given few real opportunities. Unless the Libra man is fully aware of his feminine heritage and the Cancer woman knows how to express herself elegantly on his terrain (aesthetics and idealism).

Cancer woman and Scorpio man

Here both discover the sensual and spiritual fulfillment of a partnership. Since both can not let go, this guarantees a long-term relationship that is worth striving for. In the long run it will be increasingly difficult for both of them to discover themselves in this confused field of relationships. On the other hand, both have a wonderful and unique chance through the synthesis of good and bad, of light and shadow, to bring out the true core of the partner. If this great task succeeds, both can expect great fulfillment.

Cancer woman - Sagittarius man

She will hardly be able to celebrate great success with him. Because her emotional closeness seems to him restrictive and her jealousy has an overwhelming effect on him. A short story develops out of this rather than a long-term marriage.

Cancer woman and Capricorn man

More like a partnership to which a mature Cancer woman lets herself be carried away, because the Capricorn man seems too conservative and too slow in terms of his everyday life. He loves planned action and she likes to throw everything overboard and lose herself in daydreams. If he should manage to get to a new, fresh and lively soul through this acquaintance, he will be eternally grateful to her and put the world at her feet.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man

A cosmic constellation, where neither can actually be happy, because the nature of the Aquarian man will get on the nerves of a sensitive and emotionally demanding Cancer woman over time. Not a simple partnership that can only survive with an extremely lofty goal and a lot of emotional work.

Cancer woman - Pisces man

Actually a harmonious and sensually emotionally filled partnership, whereby it depends on the Pisces man and his maturity whether the Cancer woman finds him admirable and desirable. Pisces men don't like being trapped forever in some female hands at all. However, she will try to convince him of her uniqueness with her feminine means. He leaves them in their faith and, if he is not tired of love and adventure, will just move on.

"Cancer Man in Love"

He is one of the last great romantics in matters of the heart. They are subject to their changeable moods and soul fluctuations. They also have a typically feminine, strongly pronounced empathy, which means that they are completely alien to male impressiveness. Basically he is a born connoisseur who uses his talent to the full to find a suitable partner for life. However, they also have the property of a "spider monkey". By nature they are far too busy with themselves and their enormous emotional moods and fluctuations and they have an innate, learning-loving open-mindedness with a tendency to closed inwardness - so true gardeners of the soul.

Cancer man - Aries woman

The Cancer man is completely enthusiastic about the fiery dynamic Aries woman, so she left the very best impression on him. Despite this, both spheres of experience are too different. However, there is a connecting link - both place the highest demands on the character traits of the other. She wants to experience intense zest for life and he wants his expressions of feeling to be respected and respected by the partner. These are prerequisites for getting the best out of the partnership. But this requires a developed cancer, otherwise this relationship will quickly come to an end.

Cancer man and Taurus woman

Cancer man - Gemini woman

From the very first moment, the Cancer man loves the Gemini woman from the purest of his heart, because he can understand the back and forth of mind and soul all too well. This creates a relaxed atmosphere for dealing with each other between the two of them. It will go well until he makes emotional demands on her, because she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with him. Nevertheless, he gets to know her freedom of ideas and feelings and over time she appreciates his upright strength of soul and his sensual intensity. But a lasting relationship is unlikely to develop from it.

Cancer man and Cancer woman

From this a meaningful complementary partnership develops. In this relationship two identical types intertwine each other intimately, completely losing sight of their individual development. They are too busy with their partner to fully understand them. This can take on a life of its own and grow into mutual distrust and jealousy. This partnership is characterized by a playful, but also idiosyncratic structure.

Cancer man and Leo woman

From a cosmic perspective, this results in an extremely interesting relationship. The Leo woman experiences a magical, mystical increase and purification as well as the confirmation of herself. The Cancer man, on the other hand, learns from her to properly recognize and understand his soul and his talents. A partnership with the greatest risk from which great luck could result.

Cancer man and Virgo woman

This partnership constellation could be of great benefit to both. Because here the great compassion of the Cancer man and the factually clean Virgo woman world complement each other perfectly. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a fulfilled and resilient partnership because it offers him conscious, orderly femininity that can be conquered again and again and helps him to smooth out his own chaos and to use it more intelligently. On the other hand, he gives her an understanding sympathy for the inner-soul exchange and the emotional stability that she has always been looking for.

Cancer man and Libra woman

This constellation will make a successful partnership difficult, because here the demands and the unspoken wishes are too different. Of course, the Cancer man is enthusiastic about the Libra woman, but she needs a very masculine man, where the Cancer man clearly appears too shadowy and not masculine enough to her. A successful partnership would only develop from this in more mature years.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman

This creates a real odyssey, because a Cancer man striving for spiritual power and the soul structure of a Scorpio woman striving for ultimate knowledge result in a fascinating partnership structure. Anything that could trigger any sensual emotional stimulus is immediately tried out by both. The soul-experienced Cancer man will of course be happy to meet your high demands for a fulfilling partnership.

Cancer man - Sagittarius woman

Two completely different personalities meet here. On the one hand the nice, lively and shy Cancer man who has a strong sense for everything feminine and on the other hand the fiery, dynamic and expansive Sagittarius woman who is well versed in friendship and comradely relationships. She doesn't want to be caught by him, so she'd better keep her hands off her and view the encounter as a wealth of experience.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman

In most cases, it will be difficult to develop a mutually fulfilling and, above all, satisfying partnership, because the Cancer man does not understand the clever and tactically cautious Capricorn woman at all and, in addition, he feels that he is emotionally exploited by her. A meaningful partnership can only be expected in more mature years. The Cancer man, when he has become wise and experienced and is no longer so childish and wasteful with his soul forces, and the iron Capricorn lady, when she has learned to let her emotions and soul forces run free - then both form an unbeatable pair.

Cancer man - Aquarius woman

If the Cancer man knows how to deal with an Aquarius woman, he will be on the back burner with her. She does not want to be considered property by anyone, and that is what the Aquarian woman wants to have respected. The Cancer man cannot live up to this claim to freedom, because only an intimate connection is of use to him. This, in turn, does not understand the Aquarian Lady at all. If both enter into a marriage, then both should be practiced in tolerance and place the partnership under a greater goal that is still to be achieved.

Cancer man and Pisces woman

An intimate partnership can develop from this if the Cancer man manages to convince the Pisces woman of himself. With her strong seduction skills a la “femme fatale”, she could play a wild game with him. An extremely intense and eventful time to turn the Cancer man into an experienced lover.

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(c) Astrologer Roland Hansl

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