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Love Horoscope: Pisces - February 19 - March 20
Love Horoscope: Pisces - February 19 - March 20

Here you can find out how the initially shy Pisces-born ticks in love matters and which zodiac sign suits him best!

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

It is really not easy to get these people ruled by Neptune by the fishhook. When flirting with a fish, it is certainly an advantage if you master the art of seduction. In addition, the belief in miracles helps and you should have a highly romantic streak. Candlelight and gentle scents inspire the fish and you should bring a good portion of patience, because this takes away the initial shyness.

Pisces in partnership

Pisces are wonderful lovers and lovers with a great sense of tenderness and romance. But the practical side of living together often poses problems for them. So they really like it when they have a partner to guide them. He should also keep an eye on the joint account, because a typical fish is quite wasteful and generous with money and, ultimately, it has to be the optimistic part. A fish can be worn down by great self-doubt. Then, for a change, he needs a suggestion box that will straighten him up. The thanks and a lot of love of the fish are certain. The only problem in this partnership, Pisces tend to put the partner on a pedestal. In everyday life, however, it is difficult for a person to always only show his best side.

"Pisces woman in love"

She is the great seductress, the femme fatale, the great lover with a refined predilection for pronounced eroticism and other sensual pleasures. She is a mysterious woman with a penchant for mysticism and the medial. That can also earn her the reputation of a gypsy or witch. She knows the tricks to make men weak in all situations, so that they can eat out of her hand. Pisces women remain childlike and carefree in dealing with other people and their love for life. The majority of them love to be married on the spot and taken care of with offspring. But they need their mentally emotional outlet. No matter how close a partnership bond is, she will not be able to say this openly to complete strangers who she likes at first sight.

Pisces woman - Aries man

This is a man according to your ideas, because he has strength, endurance and potency, a keen sense of direct action and a high code of honor. For this she rewards him with her unique feminine art of seduction and devotion. The Pisces woman will skilfully lead him loosely and elegantly on the long leash of his irrepressible lust, without him even being aware of his dependency and bondage. A lot of fun and variety is guaranteed. And by the way, she lets him build a common existence.

Pisces woman and Taurus man

Since everyone believes this is the ideal marriage, there are, strangely enough, relatively few such partnerships. In spite of all the love and feelings that they both like to indulge in, the unfounded budgetary policy of our lovely Pisces woman is probably a thorn in the side of the thrifty Taurus man. She can be wasteful with his and her feelings, but not with his money, that's where the fun ends with him.

Pisces woman - Gemini man

Pisces woman - Cancer man

What the Pisces woman needs in a robust man, in most cases she will not get from a sensitive Cancer man. But both are connected by that mysterious bond of spiritual understanding. They understand each other almost completely due to their overemphasis on the spiritual and emotional traits, which is typical of the signs of the zodiac. Fraternization is the name of the game, but in most cases nothing more.

Pisces woman and Leo man

This is the man of her young girlish dreams and so the seductive Pisces woman will present herself from her very best side and the Leo man will be happy to receive this charming, lovable female offer as a gift of homage. And already he has completely fallen for her. A brisk and nice couple. But he can't stand her emotional fuss over the long term and she often can't stand his love banter for long either.

Pisces woman and Virgo man

Usually a dog-and-cat relationship, but if it's a handsome Virgo man, she'll make him docile. A more purposeful partnership with sexual addiction is the result here. So he tries to slowly and skillfully drive out all nonsense and ludicrous fantasies so that she can finally come to her senses and stop this childlike behavior. Not an easy partnership, as the extremes could shift from one to the other.

Pisces woman - Libra man

Generally a difficult constellation that will not be easy for both of them without an artistic touch. Misunderstandings are inevitable here and the order of the day. He thinks only of himself and his advantage all the time. To have and have again is his motto and enjoyment and enjoyment again is hers. Difficult to agree!

Pisces woman, Scorpio man

An extreme amalgamation of two personality cores, which, if flat and unimaginative spirits are at work, very quickly dig their own grave out of sensual erotic dependence. A grandiose pair of lovers who want to sound out with depth and seriousness everything that human existence holds in store for them in terms of secrets and wondrous occurrences. A lifelong adventure that, in addition to sensual fulfillment, also brings with it the intuition of a purifying, intimate togetherness.

Pisces woman and Sagittarius man

Pisces woman - Capricorn man

The Pisces woman understands the classic loner in his silent suffering from abandonment and “not being loved” all too well. A partnership in which there is everything to be won for a Capricorn man. The Pisces woman can free him from his inhibitions and iron principles. She patiently knows how to endure that he is stingy and hard-hearted towards her at first. A very ideal relationship for more mature years.

Pisces woman - Aquarius man

A rare constellation. Demand and reality are too different here. If she's still dating an Aquarius, it is likely an old childhood sweetheart that she still hasn't really overcome to this day. Sad but true. What should the Pisces woman do with a weird bird who bizarre and stubbornly insists on keeping separate coffers. In addition, he doesn't let anyone look at his cards. He cannot admit anything, he always pretends that she is to blame for his life.

Pisces woman and Pisces man

A sensual pleasure that cannot prevail in the long run. If it is still a Pisces woman with experience of life, she will refer him to the door after a nice night at the latest.

"Pisces Man in Love"

They are born romantics and enthusiasts and so the belief of a Pisces man is unshakable that he will find his wife, who is destined for life. He believes that through his devoted love he can transform every woman for the good so that she can become his dream woman. It can happen that the Pisces man has to fight his way through several difficult partnerships. Apparently he is a perfect lover, but also an unparalleled dreamer and life artist. Even at a young age, he gathers attractive women around him. He has that certain something, this mysterious longing for salvation, this sensitive empathy for his partner, this ability to immerse himself completely in the other, besides himself as a whole

Only the Cancer man rules the zodiac. Affected silence, deep sadness, melancholy thoughts and feelings flood his mind and soul.

Pisces man - Aries woman

The Aries woman always comes up with something new. Both are connected in a mysterious way by a certain carelessness in dealing with their cosmic talents. In most cases, a partnership will not result as common rules of conduct are difficult to find.

Pisces man and Taurus woman

This is where the desire for a caress meets with love and the longing for harmony and peace. Nobody wants to deliver the other to the knife, nobody wants to injure the other and immediately pillory them. Good prerequisites for a successful partnership.

Pisces man - Gemini woman

The world has never seen anything more noncommittal. A fleeting contact, a fleeting touch, a suspected image of mutual love games, the epitome of light, relaxed and not at all obligatory eroticism. He will play his little games with her, the main thing is that it is fun, that it doesn't get on your nerves or even on your mind.

Pisces man and Cancer woman

Basically an ideal connection between two people. Both strive for the most intimate fusion with the partner and like to give up completely. Out of sheer feelings and emotional exchange, both of them forget to recognize their own fate and to take it into their own hands in this otherwise quite satisfying relationship. Erotic and sensual, emotional wealth of experience for a spiritually understanding partnership. It doesn't solve all of his problems for him as he would like. Sensitive attention and spiritual justice are needed in order to win a Cancer woman over.

Pisces man and Leo woman

There is not much going on between the two of them, because he sees her as a female being too narrow-minded and uptight, and she has no sense for a quick, hot, non-binding flirtation. Basically two alien personalities who meet here. Too chaotic and playful, he squandered her fortune and the love of her heart. What remains are tears and a true incomprehension for one another.

Pisces man and Virgo woman

A strange partnership, because it tries to dissuade him from his predilection for debauchery and passionate enjoyment of all kinds with expertise and logical arguments in order to be able to lead an orderly life with him. He, on the other hand, shows her at the same time her own undreamt-of space and sensual longing, the pleasure of which she has seldom been as close as with this experienced lover. Still, this could be a nuisance for both of you.

Pisces man and Libra woman

A rare astrological partnership, because the Pisces man is just too dirty for the Libra woman. Most of the time, however, he is lucky with her, especially when the evening is mild and the consumption of alcohol has exceeded a certain limit for the Libra woman. So not a good prerequisite.

Pisces man and Scorpio woman

A couple that, when they have conspired skin and hair, are an unbeatable duo. Here the emotionally relentless thirst for knowledge of a Scorpio woman is complemented by the playful love of a Pisces man. This can result in a soaring flight for both of them, but also a nosedive - directly into the forecourt of Hell. He could get tired of her in the long run, then he will want to steal away slowly and unnoticed.

Pisces man and Sagittarius woman

A sensually enjoyable adventure, because both live in the extremes of their infinitely wide imaginative worlds. Actually a decent starting point for a fulfilled and varied partnership, but Sagittarius pride and Pisces opacity are the cosmic shortcomings for a successful relationship.

Pisces man and Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman likes to give her hearing and loyalty to a Pisces lover, as she knows about his fantastic qualities as a sensual lover. With her the Pisces man finds his final rest in the truest sense. Over time, he learns from her the qualities of wise insight and trusting goodness in dealing with human beings.

Pisces man and Aquarius woman

With her he will dare a little emotional effort, but in view of the coldness of feeling and arrogance blowing towards him he will quickly find space again. The spheres of experience of these signs of the zodiac are so far apart, sheer incomprehension on both sides for one another.

Pisces man and Pisces woman

He is not the right type of man for her to develop fully. In very few cases there is enough strength and energy left for normal coexistence. Your love is still out of this world.

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