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Love horoscope: Aries - March 21st - April 20th
Love horoscope: Aries - March 21st - April 20th

Aries are always in a flirtatious mood. Here you can find out which zodiac sign suits him perfectly and how he behaves in a partnership.

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

Aries, whether man or woman, are extremely quick to flirt and passion is quickly inflamed. Little things like a look, a gesture or a seductive outfit are often enough to lure the conqueror out of them. Once this is awakened, the ram goes into a direct "flirt attack". Usually he takes the first step. As part of the "flirt attack" he conquers with charm, a lot of humor and his open interest, paired with a lot of self-confidence. If the Aries receives a basket from his chosen "flirting victim", he takes it sportily, unless he has really fallen in love, then this only spurs him on and he wants to win the other person's heart. However, because Aries are impatient, they do not like it when these advances and efforts are hesitantly reciprocated or not adequately appreciated. If the Aries then realizes that he is only serving as a "plaything", or the chosen person is undecided, he will say goodbye to the "game" pretty quickly. The Aries-born should definitely remember a motto: "Just because someone responds to the attractiveness of an Aries doesn't mean that a romantic or sexual relationship is the result!" how great attentions to make life as beautiful as possible, and he knows no boundaries because he doesn't lack imagination.

Aries in partnership

If Aries has found his love of life and provided he has not been disappointed or betrayed by it, then he is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. They are true romantics in this regard. No other zodiac sign can be as romantic as Aries, because he dreams of a relationship like something out of a novel. Due to his exact ideas of how his dream partner should be, he should be much more than just a love and life partner. He should also be a so-called soul mate. Aries do not tolerate it at all when the relationship "falls asleep", becomes everyday, or even the love charm wears off. This danger is not so often given by their imagination, by constant surprises and by having fun paired with spontaneity, which means that boredom cannot arise in the first place. However, the Aries insists on his freedom and liberties. One should therefore never cling to it or restrict it too much. A healthy dose is called for here, because with long-term partnerships, the relationship could suffer over time due to the hobbies that the Aries pursues. Problems may also arise if he works hard or goes on long business trips, even if the intent is to provide something for the family. That is why it is important that both partners devote themselves to common interests.

"Aries woman in love"

She will never subordinate herself voluntarily, for this reason the Aries woman plays a dominant role in the partnership, whereby one or the other partner falls by the wayside, which is not too tragic for her, however. In it two souls beat, on the one hand the sensual and devoted nature and on the other hand that of the sexual will to conquer. Sensitive and devoted (potential) partners do not fit into your ideas, because she is the type of woman who wants to be conquered every day. The other way round, too, she gets along very well in this game. At the latest when she has given birth to her children and she is addressed as "mother" for the first time, she discovers the conflict between female devotion and male dominance inside her. In this case, she will not rest until she has found a way out of this situation. If she succeeds in combining these two components and accepting the maternal role, she appears even more passionate and desirable towards her environment. This is an adventure that will never end.

Aries woman and Aries man

Starting points for a wild and tense relationship are clearly present here, which, however, cannot exist in the long term. Basically, an unbalanced Aries man is not necessarily the dream partner for the self-confident Aries woman, but one or the other entertaining affair could develop out of it. But for her it is "love at first sight" and she can look up to him excitedly even after years, so she leaves him the sole responsibility for the relationship. Here, however, the Aries man has to make a lot of effort, otherwise the old dispute will flare up again.

Aries woman and Taurus man

In this constellation, the Taurus man is consciously passive, which drives the Aries woman completely crazy. Because here she cannot assess whether or not she has had an effect with her advances. This is exactly what will get the Aries woman going, to take the first step and to show him who has something to offer here. In the beginning, the Taurus man likes to be bossed around and fulfills all of her wishes (not without ulterior motives). This is an almost hopeless spectacle. What is a self-confident and freedom-oriented woman like the Aries woman supposed to do with a material and sexually / emotionally secure life of a Taurus man?

Aries woman - Gemini man

In fact, this is an ideal and, above all, satisfying connection for both of you. The Gemini man has enough overview and compliance that this relationship can work. With him, the Aries woman finds sufficient understanding for her problems, which are actually none at all. He also finds her extremely attractive, lovable, sexy and gives her the long-awaited freedom that she so desperately needs. Fire (Aries) and air (Gemini) get along extremely well in this combination.

Aries woman and Cancer man

An extremely interesting, if often tragic story of an actually fantastic partnership. Since the Aries woman got to know the cosmically feminine component, the Cancer man, this often leads to an inner conflict with her two souls who live in her. This constellation depends on the personal state of consciousness of both partners. Whether or not both can live their lives freely and unbound to one another.

Aries woman and Leo man

The Leo man is the real dream partner of an Aries woman, if he weren't so sluggish when it comes to dynamism. If he has bravely mastered the examinations that she poses to him, she submits to him in all matters. But she can also play second fiddle because she is often not satisfied and desperately wants to play the main role in his life. Due to the constant power struggles, this fiery constellation could also come to a quick end.

Aries woman and Virgo man

If there is a steady relationship between Aries woman and Virgo man, the very clean and enterprising Virgo man will be able to offer her something that she would never have come to. This could turn into a great barter of hearts. Now and then she pays him her undivided attention and ardent passion when he reciprocates with her through his financial possibilities. If she feels neglected by his actions, she will rub it under his nose at every opportunity that presents itself, because in this constellation she is clearly holding the strings in her hand.

Aries woman and Libra man

This could go well, as both complement each other great. The biggest drawback is likely to be the indecision and fickleness of the Libra man, which the Aries woman does not really like. Even so, she admires his wisdom and diplomacy. He doesn’t offer her stressful, but rather invigorating and loving nights. If the Libra man manages to confess his feelings in this battle of the sexes, he can be assured of the sincerity and supportive love of his Aries woman.

Aries woman - Scorpio man

This is where two soulmates meet who have a common sense of extremes and where the Aries woman gets to know her tendency to limitless dependence, which can also take on unimagined dimensions. She is very tempted to face the expected adventure with a Scorpio man, but afterwards she will never be the same woman again, as she wanders with him through the deepest valleys of the human psyche. If you meet a mystical Scorpio with a penchant for the occult, it can be extremely stressful, but also exhilarating for you. So she can acknowledge all her mistakes and take action against them.

Aries woman - Sagittarius man

Here everything happens according to the motto “He came, saw and won!”. The Sagittarius man almost drives the Aries woman out of her mind, then gives her a few unforgettable hours for two and is gone as quickly as he appeared. Of course, a stately Aries woman will not put up with this and will knock him out of the ears with everything her verbal nature has to offer. If he takes this to heart, this is one of the most successful cosmic connections of fire and fire, where everyone gets their "money's worth".

Aries woman and Capricorn man

This constellation couldn't be more unequal. Here fresh zest for life and there calculating loyalty to principles. If the Aries woman learns to use her virtues and influences on him for herself, she will not lose her lust for the Capricorn man. But this is often a very brittle matter for them, which could be due to a hidden father-daughter problem. If her heart is in the right place, she will bluntly make it clear to him that he is not the right one for her and that she needs something else for her life. This will drive the Capricorn man into a melancholy chaos of thought.

Aries woman and Aquarius man

They may have met under the most impossible circumstances, but it will be a blessing to this partnership.

Aries woman - Pisces man

This is not a stable and lasting partnership due to the completely different areas of life. But these different aspects could exert a special charm on the Aries woman, if only on the erotic and poetic level. Because for a fiery Aries woman, an overly sensitive and empathic Pisces man is more of an adventure that she wants to end again as soon as possible. Because his manner quickly makes her feel that he is not serious about her. The Pisces man could turn her head if it weren't for his typical unsteadiness, his pity and his strong empathy. For her this is simply unbearable in the long run, because she values clear and clear decisions and actions and cannot do anything with any vague emotions.

"Aries man in love"

He has a reputation as a casanova or adventurer of the moment. Even the best friend's partner is not protected from his advances, if she is also desirable. When it comes to love, the Aries man is an intrepid fighter who uses his strong self-esteem in a tactical manner. But the "seriousness of life" of an Aries man sets in when he notices that he has not had a "mess" with other women for years, that he has settled down, has brought up children and that his once so ardently beloved wife has sex with him Brings ailments. Here he then looks for his own mistakes and weaknesses and fights against them.

Aries man and Aries woman

Either a lifelong partnership develops with this tense and energetic constellation, with depth of soul and "love at first sight" or it leads to a love affair, where it comes to a quick end due to a constant fight for the main roles in this affair. If a lifelong partnership develops from this constellation, the Aries woman should know how to sell herself dearly and seductively, otherwise the Aries man will quickly get bored with her. For this reason, an Aries-Aries relationship is not a satisfying lifelong partnership. Instead, both parties can draw their own experiences from this and use them for self-realization.

Aries man and Taurus woman

Since one mostly pulls and the other mostly brakes, this partnership constellation is extremely difficult. Despite all of this, it promises to be a spicy and energetic affair for both of you. In the beginning it looks very promising, but over time problems develop from this partnership, because the Taurus woman is a worthwhile object of his desire. But this is exactly where the Aries man has to be very careful not to step a "faux pas". He could quickly become verbally abusive and throw her on the head with strong expressions, which could end in a verbal battle (even worse, in a tangible mix). Here the Taurus woman is guaranteed to emerge victorious. If these problems do not become problems in the first place, the Aries man will later find himself in a clean and cozy / lovely home that corresponds entirely to the "Taurus idyll".

Aries man and Gemini woman

From this a great unconventional team can develop, which complement each other wonderfully. The Aries man probably met the Gemini woman at a party or such a festivity during a casual conversation. He was immediately taken with her lively manner, her charm and her perky manner. Because of this, the desire to conquer was immediately awakened in him. He will do everything possible to convince her of him. But the Gemini woman loves to play with fire and only if he is a perfect gentleman and plays a so-called "fair play" nothing stands in the way of a varied and dynamic relationship.

Aries man and Cancer woman

In the spirit of partnership, this is not a successful cosmic constellation, as both partners pursue the same intensity of will, eroticism and feeling of sensuality. The Aries man is too superficial for this partnership and the Cancer woman too busy with her inner soul areas, so that this partnership rarely has a future. He should have a strong will to be able to carry her on his hands and he must be able to endure her moodiness. Because basically this could complement each other well with his ability to overlook small things, if it weren't for their vulnerability. Because precisely those mistakes that he makes are constantly being held against him and that is exactly what nobody can endure in the long run. This constellation can only work if the Cancer woman doesn't cling and sometimes looks over something.

Aries man and Leo woman

This is a remarkable combination, because who "adorns" himself with whom is not exactly clear. The Leo as a sign of the zodiac actually represents the successful development of Aries. What the Aries man believes to be for a long time is already shown by the Leo woman you can be sure to have a brave and loyal lover by your side. So this combination only works if no one patronizes the other.

Aries man and Virgo woman

A rather critical constellation, because the Junfrau woman reacts more cautiously and loves fixed habits. Ergo, this is more of a relationship for the older Aries man, who has already gotten a bit tired and wants to be cared for "motherly". The Virgo could do this just fine, although "maternal" behavior patterns in a partnership are out of the question for her. Basically, this is a pure tragic comedy that makes both partners dependent on each other in the long term. Because he provides the necessary energy to implement her wishes and goals and it gives him the security that she will always stand by him.

Aries man and Libra woman

The Libra is directly opposite the Aries in the zodiac sign and this leads to an extreme polarization and a large build-up of tension. The Aries man loves the spontaneous actions and the Libra woman rather the well-considered deeds. For this reason, it is up to the Aries man to take her for who she is, as this is the key to her heart. What is no problem at all for the Aries man is a fatal mishap for the Libra woman. But with her strong emphasis on Venus, he could literally eat out of her hand.

Aries man and Scorpio woman

An erotic, tingling and sensual experience par excellence that takes place here, because here it crackles and sparks at all corners and edges. For both parties it would be a great advantage not to live so close to each other, because the simplified way of thinking and the far too simple going on of an Aries man does not get along well with the profundity of a developed and mature Scorpio woman. The thirst for power and jealousy of the Scorpio woman is another factor that could shake the relationship between the two.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman

A great constellation that shows up here. Both complement each other perfectly and love the adventure, which can also stand up to everyday worries and hardships that arise very quickly. An ideal combination with a lot of courage to face life and almost limitless optimism. The Aries man will have great fun with the Sagittarius woman. She loves freedom as much as he does, which of course also involves changing locations and traveling, both large and small. Likewise, Sagittarius women like to cultivate their friendship, which means that Aries man is in good hands with her.

Aries man and Capricorn woman

Two partners who cannot be directly agreed and who meet here, because both are only connected by the pursuit of success. The Aries man stimulates the Capricorn woman to "cheat" her loyalty to principles by trying to find out whether she is so cool and smooth towards him on the spiritual / emotional level. He sees in her a lady of the world, who at the same time seems too volatile to him, so that he can fall in love with her, but because of the "volatility" the love is quickly extinguished again. A relationship issue that arises from this that does not promise the desired satisfaction of partnership content.

Aries man and Aquarius woman

Aries man and Pisces woman

The Aries man falls head over heels in love with the Pisces woman, and this combination requires a lot of attention and patience from both parties. Because the Pisces woman lures him without up to anything or planning, because she likes his passionate demeanor about him. In the end, if neither of them have patience, the Pisces woman sees him as a "victim" for a while and wants to make him her own on all levels.

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