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Love Horoscope: Aquarius - January 21st - February 18th
Love Horoscope: Aquarius - January 21st - February 18th

A conqueror who often shies away from ties. But what does Aquarius really want in love matters? And which zodiac sign would fit there?

Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign
Love horoscope - partner horoscope and zodiac sign

The typical Aquarius rushes from adventure to adventure, from flirt to flirt. He enjoys conquering and, of course, sex, but he often shies away from bonding for years. At the bottom of his heart, Aquarius is not the philanderer or the vamp he claims to be. Techtelmechtel and one-night stands do not satisfy him in the long run. It is his personal dilemma where he has to choose between his longing for a harmonious relationship and his almost insatiable thirst for freedom.

Aquarius in partnership

Aquarius has a strong aversion to convention. He does not need state or church legitimation of marriage in order to be happy. He is afraid that his wings will be clipped in a committed relationship. Whoever realizes that Aquarius only feels safe in total freedom, will find in him a loyal and lifelong exciting partner.

"Aquarius Woman in Love"

She will rarely want to play a self-sacrificing mother for her lover's children. She loves it much more to pursue her sensual and emotional needs without being bound. It also has its airs and peculiarities in interpersonal dealings that should be taken into account. The greatest difficulty on the way to perfect partnership harmony is the defiant, Aquarius-typical clinging to slowly acquired personality structures. She loves to use her natural female weapons to achieve the desired success with her family at home or at work. It is also easy for her to move from partner to partner, but this gives her the reputation of a man-eating emancipation in the free heart market, with whom it is not easy. Sensitive, shy emotional types and dreamers have no chance with her. The high demands that she places on herself and her life should also be met by her loved one in a partnership.

Aquarius woman and Aries man

Both should get along brilliantly. That this is not always the case is due to the range of imagination of the Aquarian woman and the very spontaneous acting Aries man. This partnership naturally requires good behavior, tolerance and, above all, a little selfless love. The wild Aries man will only allow himself to be tamed by her when he is older.

Aquarius woman and Taurus man

Two very self-confident and stubborn personality structures. Nobody moves even a millimeter from their point of view if it is not associated with a noticeable success. Basically, then, a difficult partnership in which tangible arguments can often and happily arise. In the end, both are fanatics of habit, everything has to have its place and its rituals, alas, new and unpredictable things happen. But deep down in her heart she is just as conservative and down-to-earth as our Taurus man, who wants everything that the world has in store for him in terms of delights and benefits.

Aquarius woman and Gemini man

Such a combination of astrological forces really doesn't leave your eyes dry. Here one word results in another, the flashes of inspiration sparkle, the champagne corks pop. A great combination!

Aquarius woman and Cancer man

Both are completely alien here and love at first sight will rarely be. The proud and emancipated Aquarian woman is not looking for a half-baked and shy Cancer man. Often in many cases he is simply too lame for her, and the electrifying spark of the first encounter was only the reflection of her unfulfilled passion in the clear water of his soul.

Aquarius woman and Leo man

Basically a great and voluminous relationship. But as great as the enthusiasm for one another can be, on the other hand, hatred and disappointment can also arise quickly from the personal essential forces that are difficult to unite. Woe to you if you get into each other's hair about personal profile requests, then the Leo man hisses and the Aquarius woman throws nastiness and hurtful words around. A partnership that could soon break due to the common megalomania. Here both should learn to forgive.

Aquarius woman and Virgo woman

That is more likely to result in a purpose-oriented relationship. She sees the world almost from the same eyes as he does. As far as weaknesses, emotional and sensual areas are concerned, these two intellectually talented people have enough resources to reduce these embarrassing, vital necessities to a healthy average. A constructed partnership in which everyone gets their money's worth. But out of sheer business, both overlook the unpredictable existence of their soul forces, which can never be suppressed by prudent behavioral strategies. Despite all caution and consultation, he and she will become strangers and even a little suspicious of one another.

Aquarius woman and Libra man

Not a bad match for the loner named Aquarius Woman. The Libra man will also be able to provide you with the right picture for your idea of what the dream partner should look like. He just loves all women. As for his typical indecision and lack of assertiveness, it will put him under a lot of pressure and the Libra man will not let the Aquarius woman escape anytime soon.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man

An extremely energetic relationship for which a normal stage of life is really too small. Here two human extremes consume each other, but they also demand everything from you. A partnership that is basically a lifelong learning process in which the opposites of man and woman of mind and soul have to join hands in order to survive. So the two create hell on earth, or paradise. Everything is open here!

Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man

In principle an ideal love, because both have enormous mental imagination and dream their own world together. Just like the Aquarius woman, the Sagittarius man approaches everything with noncommittal, superficial friendliness. For their freedoms, both of them risk their heads and necks and, if necessary, this love too.

Aquarius woman and Capricorn man

Probably a rare occurrence. Both have no sense for each other. She's too cranky, freaky and unpredictable and he's too conservative and stingy with emotions and money. Her talents lie in the sober and correct way of dealing with one another and so this constellation would be more for the more mature years. This connection is a coincidental tete-á-tete or rather a personal oversight that should be corrected as quickly as possible.

Aquarius woman and Aquarius man

A nice game that can last a lifetime. So you get closer and the circles close. But one of them is guaranteed to break these circles again and get back to himself. The recipe for success in this partnership is children. Our zodiac representatives are too busy with themselves all their lives and a child together could free them from these structures.

Aquarius woman and Pisces man

Neither of them has a long-term partnership in mind. It remains a love affair for the diary and for a few nice non-binding hours. The Aquarian woman learns to open up, and the Pisces man recognizes his spiritual intuition in its spiritual breadth and clarity.

"Aquarius Man in Love"

An Aquarius man's ability to love is more of a head decision. But this behavioral strategy is only a protective shield for him, he has no clue how to play with the sensitive instrument of emotions in a fulfilled love affair. For other, more emotionally oriented signs of the zodiac, the Aquarius man appears to be a stubborn and, over time, increasingly eccentric loner, with whom no real deep partnership can grow in the long run. However, there are also Aquarius men who have come to terms with themselves and the world. These are the true human friends, the born, understanding lovers who make it clear right from the start that they are not striving for a normal marriage or long-term relationship.

Aquarius man and Aries woman

That works out well, because the Aquarius man manages to elegantly get the Aries woman under control over time. She finally feels that she has been properly understood and also appreciates the freedom offered by this rather friendly affair. However, there is a handicap - the all too naive and simple-minded, spontaneous carelessness of the Aries woman. He often feels run over by her and thinks she is childishly naive.

Aquarius man and Taurus woman

A rare astrological partnership constellation. In this regard, neither of them moves a millimeter from their point of view. Two really uncompromising egoists, whose personal values and identification are anchored in very different spheres of experience. In other words, a relationship that can very easily end in chaos and self-reproach in the long run. The initial enthusiasm for one another will soon cool off when both notice the ignorance with which they are actually encountering each other, and it is not even intentional.

Aquarius man and Gemini woman

They both met at one of the usual parties. A short exchange, the matter was clear - the first rendezvous had already taken place, the addresses exchanged, the framework guidelines established, a nice chat here and there, you see each other now and then. The whole thing will ripple around like that, everyone will benefit from it BUT over time it will become dull and boredom for both of them.

Aquarius man and Cancer woman

A relationship in which the worlds of experience are as far apart as the north pole from the south pole. A partnership that tended to take place in the unsuspecting younger years, in times when being in love is more important than getting along and understanding each other. But in the long run both would fool each other.

Aquarius man and Leo woman

An ideal couple, as air and fire signs meet here, i.e. elements that need each other and that experience an increase in a positive sense. Everything is conceivable and imaginable, but the Leo woman will only bring a stubborn loner into the house in exceptional cases.

Aquarius man and Virgo woman

What could connect both would be the mutual talents of mental agility and cleverness in dealing with people. Mutates into a work relationship rather than a hot love affair. But he doesn't really want to, the anticipated love affair with the Virgo woman seems too conservative and harmless.

Aquarius man and Libra woman

Of course, he noticed it straight away. But it remains to be seen whether he can land at her attention, which is looking for aesthetics and beauty. Aquarius-Man will be allowed to add himself to the long list of her lovers and he has once again become aware of how nice it is to live alone. So they part ways before they have even really gotten to know each other.

Aquarius man and Scorpio woman

What could bring them together would be a shared interest in the secret and inexplicable things of this world. The mutual desire for a fulfilling sensuality could easily lead to the Aquarius-man being guided by his Scorpio-woman into a sensual, emotional dependence. So he'll want to get out of his grip.

Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman

What seems acceptable from an astrological point of view is called into question by the different cosmic operating principles. The Aquarian man appears to Sagittarius woman as a completely unfounded and inscrutable person. In his eyes she lacks order and spiritual moral discipline. In spite of everything, it could be a new impulse in his life. She is still happy to be at his disposal as a companion.

Aquarius man and Capricorn woman

The two face each other strangely. In this cosmic constellation, the fiery impulse of a heated passion is simply missing, the glowing initial impulse of which ensures fulfilled years and a happy time.

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman

Here two people meet who can fully understand each other, because an Aquarius does not care much for other opinions. He and she live in their own worlds, far beyond all norms and so the respective mirror-image dream partners meet in this astrological partnership. The danger of breaking apart could only be tamed with the full intensity of the love of the heart. Otherwise you would be fooling yourself and the admirable mutual partnership would only be a compromise so that you are no longer alone with yourself.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

On the surface, there is little shared liability. In fact, they are both opposite personalities. If the spark of an intimate love has jumped, he has to shed his old behavioral patterns and get a new, lively and diverse inner skin. From a partner she needs male implementation strength, emotional stability and, above all, elasticity. But this is what the spiritualized Aquarian man has yet to learn.

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(c) Astrologer Roland Hansl

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