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We know what your New Years resolution should be
We know what your New Years resolution should be

It's in the stars. Your zodiac sign should be able to tell you what to plan for this New Year's Eve. Whether losing weight, more sport or discipline … the horoscope shows it!

Horoscope: According to your zodiac sign, this should be your New Year's resolution
Horoscope: According to your zodiac sign, this should be your New Year's resolution

When 2018 comes to an end, we are of course looking forward to the coming year. But what should you be aiming for in 2019? Jupiter, the planet of happiness, faith, optimism, and abundance, roams its home sign of Sagittarius year round, so now is the time to set your goals high. Sagittarius is the archer's mark. Point your arrow at the stars and you are guaranteed to hit the moon. And with the luck of Jupiter on your side, your accuracy might surprise you.

The most beautiful? Unlike some New Year's resolutions, these astrologically inspired mantras are not difficult to keep. Above all, in our opinion, there are much more important things than losing weight and just being disciplined. Just remember that 2019 is YOUR year, so do what you really want this year. After all, you never know what you could achieve

Horoscope: What your zodiac sign says about your New Year's resolution …

New Year's resolution Sagittarius

Celebrate yourself

This year is about you! Don't be shy and show yourself in all your glory. You're loud, stubborn, extravagant, and honest (and we love you for that!). Don't be afraid to be too smart or too direct. This year it's all about freedom - so maybe let go of a situation that has long stolen your energy or your money. Focus on the things that come easily and that also come to you. It's time for an adventure - make something of it!

New year resolution Capricorn

Trust the process

You may feel like a fresh start is underway right now. Maybe you've lost interest in things that defined you so far, maybe you've just come out of a long relationship and are re-setting your priorities. Even if you don't yet know how everything will turn out, set yourself new goals and trust that everything will be fine. You always want to do everything with yourself, but right now, for once, you don't have everything under control - and that has to be OK. This year you will most of all benefit from time that you spend alone … Trust the process, dear Capricorn. You also have some friends who are always behind you.

New year resolution Aquarius

Be patient

We know patience isn't your greatest strength, but the wait will be worth it. You may be a little restless and ready for change … but now the time may not have come … Reflect on where you have been successful and where your work may not have borne the fruits you expected. In 2019 you should take time to take these breaks. You should trust your friends in particular in the coming year - they are inspiration, joy and kicks in the ass. So: Have fun with your friends now and worry about the future when it is here!

New Year resolution Pisces

Redefine what success means to you

You don't like to be the center of attention, but in the coming year your hard work, accomplishments and efforts will finally be noticed. Let it happen! You always say yes and amen to everything without asking anything in return. Now finally harvest the laurels for it! Raise? YES! Open your mouth and make yourself noticeable. For a change, don't be so humble and dream big! Dream big and make those dreams a reality. Because if you want something, you just have to ask for it …

New year resolution Aries

Broaden your horizons

Do you feel restless right up to your soul? Do something about it and broaden your horizons! Whether it's a trip around the world or a subject that you've always wanted to study. Don't wait for a reason. You want it. That's enough. So book a flight to Bali to finally do a yoga retreat, study African studies, climb Kilimanjaro or do the USA road trip. Admit - you could use some distraction right now!

New year resolution Taurus

Change? Accept them

Bring some color into your life and don't always choose the safe route! You have enough talent and potential that wants to be exploited. Be ready to see the world with new eyes and do not always rely on your 5 senses. Think deeper and philosophize with your friends about life, love and let hectic moments just be hectic …

New year resolution twins

Surround yourself with people who inspire you

You love people anyway, but this year it goes a step further. Be it romantic, platonic or technical: the people in your life will bring you even more joy. Go on an adventure trip with your old friends, date whatever it takes and make new friends. 2019 could go down in history as one of the years that you will remember with a lot of love at some point in a rocking chair at the age of 80! Be honest, open and say exactly what you want. With so many people and so little time, it is important to plan!

New year resolution cancer

Love your body

As sensitive as you are, there is much more to it than just eating right and exercising. Your body reacts to your moods. This year you could finally feel free in your body! This year will be a tough one, but make sure you always have time for yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel. That in turn has an effect on your private life! Go for gold!

New year resolution Leo

Live in the moment

In 2018 you learned a lot about yourself - who you are, what you want, how to get stronger. Don't make excuses - show your feelings and rely on them and your creativity. The only problem in 2019 could be that you don't make enough time for these moments. Do it.

New Year's resolution Virgo

Be self-confident

This New Year's resolution applies every year from now on, dear Virgo! This year you could finally throw your self-doubts and worries overboard. You are someone who always finds the scratch in what is actually a perfect picture, but please take a step back this year and enjoy this wonderful panorama of your life. Trust yourself and your family and gain confidence. Life is beautiful, so don't screw it up with too much thinking!

New year's resolution Libra

Share your ideas - they are good

You're super smart - but you don't get enough credit for it! So open your mouth and share your ideas and thoughts - you don't always have to wait in line. We know how social you are, but sometimes you can push your way a little!

New year resolution Scorpio

Trust in yourself - be independent

You are always so focused on the fact that you need other people that you completely forget that you can do it yourself - and sometimes much better! Believe in yourself and don't wait for others to improve your life. As you anchor more confidence in your life, your relationships will blossom in new ways (or even help you attract completely different people!) Trust yourself, dear Scorpio - EVERYTHING IS GOOD.


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