The great China horoscope in the new WOMAN
The great China horoscope in the new WOMAN

The new issue is available in stores from today (February 15). We'll tell you why you absolutely have to have the new WOMAN. We only say: horoscope!

woman magazine
woman magazine

The new year started for the West on January 1st, but in China it doesn't start until February 16th, i.e. Friday. We start the year of the dog with a detailed China horoscope!


Horoscope time! What is the year like for the pig, the dog and the goat? Find your Chinese zodiac sign and find out what your 2018 will be like!


Trendy parts Colorful stockings, Y-chains and elegant sweatpants: This is what the trends will look like in the near future!


Purple whim "Ultra Violet" is the trend color of 2018. We'll show you how to integrate the strong purple into your make-up routine.


Living with fear Panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be very stressful and reduce the quality of life. This is how those affected and experts describe life with fear.


That was my childhood! TV star Harald Krassnitzer gives us a look at his private family album and speaks very personally about his childhood.


Decoration farm With our cute paper goodie you can bring a stylish decorative animal made of paper into your home. House-trained for sure!

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