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Starbucks: This drink suits your zodiac sign
Starbucks: This drink suits your zodiac sign

Coffee is our life. Choosing the right hot drink is not that easy … Starbucks (and our zodiac sign) are now making the decision for us …

Lose weight diet without breakfast
Lose weight diet without breakfast

It doesn't work without coffee. And while we most of the time prefer an ordinary mug of coffee, we sometimes feel like a fancy coffee creation. At Starbucks, however, the selection is so huge and confusing that we usually don't even know what to choose …

The coffee chain now has the solution for all millennials: Starbucks posted a diagram on Instagram that tells us which coffee or drink suits our zodiac sign. So we'll tell you what the stars have in store for you … It doesn't matter whether you believe in the horoscope or not. After all, we look forward to any decision-making aid:

This drink suits your zodiac sign


Starbucks Blonde Latte

An unconventional choice - just like Aquarius himself!


Cold brew

Reliable, effective and practical - sounds exactly like Capricorn!


Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refresher

Just as adventurous and refreshing as the Sagittarius person himself.


Espresso shot

Delicious and intense. Goes perfectly with the Scorpio!


Flat white with espresso

Lively, creative and balanced. To ask?


Iced Caramel Macchiato

Cool and attention to detail - just like the Virgo!


Passion fruit and mango iced tea

Full of passion, happy and funny - the perfect drink for the lion!


Honey-lemon-mint tea

Simple and cozy, just as Cancer loves!


Americano - Iced or Hot

Expressive and contrasting!


Matcha latte

A reliable pick-me-up, such a matcha latte - just like the actually so gentle bull!


Strawberry Coconut Drink

This drink wants to be seen and noticed - also Aries' greatest goal.


Java Chip Frapuccino

Sweet and dreamy - suitable for the fish of this world!

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