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To all Virgo-borns: Keep your distance from these zodiac signs
To all Virgo-borns: Keep your distance from these zodiac signs

WOMAN love horoscope: We'll tell you how people born Virgo tick in partnerships and which zodiac signs do not suit them at all.

To all Virgo-borns: Keep your distance from these zodiac signs
To all Virgo-borns: Keep your distance from these zodiac signs

Is it the same for you: You ask your date about their birthday and hours later you google eagerly about the compatibility of your zodiac signs? Then you are exactly right here. We ask ourselves which signs of the zodiac go together particularly well and which one should rather refrain from. In more detail, today is about Virgo-borns: How do they actually tick when it comes to love? And more importantly, which zodiac signs should you be careful about? WOMAN astrologer Turid Pichler helped us with information.

Better not: Virgo & Aries

Above all, one thing separates the two: different expectations. Aries enjoys life and love without thinking too much and does not feel any obligations. Virgo-borns, in contrast, tend to brood and criticize. This can quickly lead to tension.

The fire goes out: Virgo & Gemini

The rationally polarized Virgo is prone to merciless honesty. While the twin likes to smear a lot of honey around your mouth and let its charm play out. Here both zodiac signs stumble on a communicative level, which is why the passionate fire could easily go out.

An arduous constellation: Virgo & Cancer

The highly sensitive, emotional Cancer usually longs for security, a lot of closeness and tenderness, while the rational Virgo has completely different needs and rejects sentimentalism. The need for closeness and distance could be too different here.

Too contrary: Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgos are characterized by their down-to-earth, introverted streak. While Sagittarians tend to be more adventurous and like to travel. In addition, there is another problem: While those born in Sagittarius like to conquer, Virgos long for loyalty and stability.

These zodiac signs are suitable for Virgo:

The zodiac sign Virgo belongs to the earth signs - just like Capricorn and Taurus. And exactly the two fit virgins like a fist on the eye. Taurus and Virgo, for example, are considered loyal, practical, and looking for security and stability. Capricorns and Virgos share hard work, ambition and thrift with each other. The two can blindly rely on each other. But Scorpios also suit Virgo, because here the following applies: opposites attract. Faithful Virgo, as a jealous and intensely loving Scorpio, does not give cause for concern at all.

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