Bullying at work
Bullying at work

This time management consultant Anke van Beekhuis (frauenkraft.info) reveals how you behave when it comes to bullying in the workplace.

Bullying at work
Bullying at work

How do I react if I feel bullied by a colleague?

It is best to make a note of the situations in which you feel bullied, with the time, place and a precise description of the incident. You will then go to the boss and explain the situation to him using the examples. If he doesn't respond, you should go to HR. They usually have neutral access to the individual departments and can act as "mediators". What doesn't help: clarifying about other colleagues. They have neither the responsibility nor the decision-making power to change anything in your situation. Often this just brings unnecessary restlessness to the team. In any case, it is important to remain objective! So you are more superior than the person bullying. If the colleague prevents you from doing your work with the bullying, this can have consequences for him. However, if you get too emotional, your records are quickly ridiculed and managers like to say, "Do that among you, it is important to me that the work gets done."

Who do I discuss my suspicion of bullying with?

With a trusted person around you who understands something about the work situation. This can be your partner or a good acquaintance, but not a friend who has been studying for a long time and has never been in a professional life.

Should I get a coach to support me?

An independent outside perspective is very good and helpful in such a situation. You can also discuss the strategy with a coach so that you can proceed in a considered manner.

When does it make more sense to change jobs instead of dealing with the bullying?

If you don't like the job, it's badly paid and you've already wanted to switch, the bullying is an additional reason to leave. However, if you only consider this step after the bullying, it is better if you deal with it and find a solution.

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