The 10 commandments for the one-night stand
The 10 commandments for the one-night stand

Experiencing a really good one-night stand is not that easy at all. But with these 10 commandments there are no nasty surprises and fun is guaranteed.

The 10 commandments for the one-night stand
The 10 commandments for the one-night stand

Better to pile down

Those who expect too much can only be disappointed. Because if you remember your best sex, it probably wasn't your first time with a partner. Because familiarity is absolutely the most important thing for good sex. With the one-night stand, the following applies: don't expect too much and enjoy the moment … and if necessary, just make the most of it.


Who has the choice …

Please choose carefully. Because a little swiping is quite nice, but if HE is completely drunk next to you, not much will happen anymore. And at the one-night stand you can also be superficial. So go for the smartest guy out of them all.



If the question arises where to go now, then choose HIS apartment. Men prefer to go to women, but just imagine, it wasn't that tingly and then the guy wants to sleep here too because he's too drunk and tired ?! That is not how it works. So better with HIM and various typical male lifestyle habits - dirty bathroom, leftover food in the kitchen, empty beer bottles on the living room table - just ignore and hide.


Do not fall asleep

The sex was great and you are satisfied. Well, don't fall asleep. Because then there is a rude awakening the morning after: It smells of residual alcohol, your head is booming and the man next to you is a stranger and may not look as good as it did the night before in the dark. If you made the mistake of taking it with you, you have to go through it now. Because throwing out is not very nice!


Hands off forgiven boys

Make sure that your chosen one is not in a relationship. Because going to bed with men in love is bad for karma. And in any case, it will end badly for everyone involved.


Use condom !!!

You don't know him, you don't know anything about him or his sexual history and you don't want to get pregnant either. Basic rule number 1 In the one-night stand, contraception is with a condom, because whoever does not use contraception or only does so with the pill can, in the worst case, benefit from it for the rest of his life. And the short fun in bed should definitely not be worth it.


Don't get too personal

Entrusting his intimate secrets to a complete stranger? Do you really want that? Probably not! That is why you should stay aloof in a polite way during the one-night stand. After all, the one-night stand is not about affection, understanding and empathy, but about spontaneous, lustful sex.


No (S) experiments

With a one-night stand, it is better not to try anything new. That could only end badly. The classic, tried and tested method is probably the best solution here.


Check handbag

Have I really not forgotten anything? You should definitely check that before you leave the other person's apartment, because a one-night stand is after all a single night with one person who you will most likely not see again afterwards. Who would like to ring the doorbell the next day to pick up their cosmetic bag?


Phone number? Yes No Maybe?

When asked for the telephone number, nobody should feel compelled to give it out. You can also say "No!" say if another meeting or reunion is out of the question for you. It is a little less hurtful if you give the wrong number, or if you just get his number and just throw it in the nearest street rubbish bin when you leave the apartment.

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