Affair: Dangerous 3rd year
Affair: Dangerous 3rd year

When does a relationship get into crisis for the first time? Apparently in the third year. Because a new study says: The risk of an affair is never higher.

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Affair: Dangerous 3rd year!
Affair: Dangerous 3rd year!

"Love lasts for three years" - that is the title of a book by the French author Frédéric Beigbeder. There should be something to it. At least if you believe a study by the German psychology institute “Theratalk”.

It showed that the seventh year is not the one in which relationships slide into a deep crisis. Cheating starts in the darn third year.

Risk of infidelity in the 3rd year

The explanation of the psychologists: In the first year everything is still exciting. The sex. The first vacation together. Getting to know the parents. Everything is exciting, everything is experienced on cloud nine.

The second year is still exciting. Most couples move into their first apartment together. But this also puts you in a love-technical danger zone.

With the move into the common love nest, the routine begins. Sex becomes a habit, the partner a decorative object. Present, but no longer exciting. One pays less attention to oneself.

Circumstances which, according to the scientists' investigation in the third year, increase the risk of an affair.

Affair usually begins at work

The greatest danger of this lurks in the workplace. There the frustrated partner gets compliments and recognition. Because the colleague immediately notices whether you have a new hairstyle. The first niceties, a little flirtation, the first drink after work.


The short afterwork easily turns into a short interlude in strange sheets.

According to Theratalk, the love affair lasts on average from a month to half a year. Then it is usually exposed - often because the fraudster becomes negligent and the partner suspects something.

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