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Do you want to end your relationship? How to do it respectfully
Do you want to end your relationship? How to do it respectfully

By texting? By simply not reporting any more? Ending a relationship is never easy. In this way you break up respectfully without hurting the other person additionally.

Ending a relationship: what's the best way to break up?
Ending a relationship: what's the best way to break up?

It's over! But is there a way to say this nicely to your future ex? Is it really possible to break up properly? Probably not. Because without pain (usually on both sides) a relationship never breaks up. It's not for nothing that there are countless songs about lovesickness. But you shouldn't beat the other person's feelings with the hard club. At some point there was love - injuries and meanness should therefore have no place even in a breakup.

Separation: This is how you break up nicely and respectfully


Looking for a personal conversation. As hard as it may be, the best thing to do is tell your partner to the face that it's over. That doesn't make things any easier, but it does make things more honest. There are honest reasons why you no longer want to be with him or her. Write them down beforehand and delete any offensive or offensive allegations. When you meet, stick to the plan - no matter how much he or she wants to get into an argument about the injury.


The right place. A long time together, many things in common: apartment, pet and friends. Don't talk about the breakup at home - too much connects you there. A quiet café with small alcoves where you can hide yourself when you cry, or a park are more suitable.


"Let's stay friends …" After a long-term relationship, such a saying only sounds like a mockery. So please save platitudes. In addition, your ex has to go through a trough of emotions before he or she is ready to meet you again on a friendly level. There is shock, sadness, spiritual acceptance, emotional acceptance. Only when he or she has reached the last level will you (in the best case) be able to meet again carefree. (Want to be friends with your ex? THESE 5 steps will help!)


Maintain eye contact. This is very important to signal to your partner that you mean business and that it is not a stupid joke. In this way, you will also see more quickly when it is time to end the conversation (at some point everything will be said - staying seated longer out of pity will not help you or the person you are talking to). To say goodbye, a hug is definitely appropriate. After that, it's best to take a different path than your or your ex.


The sound makes the music - and the length. It is not only important WHAT you say but HOW you say it. Speak calmly. Emphasize that you are safe and that you want the breakup now. Like a mantra that you do not deviate from. It is also essential: keep it short and do not avoid the bush. (That's how arguing works, by the way;-))


Explain & be honest. No. It's not exactly nice to suddenly say clearly to the person you may have breathed "I love you" on the face for years why you are leaving them. But that is exactly what this person needs now. Give reasons why you want to break up, not a succinct "It just doesn't fit me anymore". Don't just let him or her down and be honest.

Be thankful. Express how grateful you are for the time you spent together. You also had nice moments together. They are not just gone.

Should it be infinitely difficult for you to pronounce the love-out … you are not alone with it. That is why separation agencies that do the job for you have been booming for years. Practically. But cowardly.

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