Separation? This is how you get over it
Separation? This is how you get over it

Your love is over Instead of holing up crying in your room, you should rather use the separation to renovate your life properly.

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Separation? This is how you get over it!
Separation? This is how you get over it!

The end of a love (regardless of whether it was your wish or his) is always painful. When it comes to processing, you now have two options: You can entrench yourself in your room with a family pack of ice cream, watch bad love smack and spit on handkerchiefs. Sometimes it's good, no question about it. But it's not really helpful (just the guilty conscience about the calorie bomb … you know what we mean!).

The alternative: You start at full steam to get your life back on track and dispose of the guy with the hazardous waste. We prefer the latter. That's why we have for you:

Tips: This is how you can cope with a breakup faster


Block or "unfriend" him on Facebook. Of course you are a mature and adult woman who can easily handle the fact that news from his life keeps popping up in your Facebook timeline. Moment! What kind of bachelorette party is this next weekend? At the latest when the first photos of him with a cute blonde in your arms are posted, you want to lock yourself in the ladies toilet in your office. And never come out again.


No! You don't want to remain friends. At least you should save yourself this sentence in the separation phase. This "staying friends" is a first impulse, because you definitely don't want him to notice how close the love-end ACTUALLY is to you. Such a breakup doesn't knock you out of your socks, you're so chilled out. So chilled. that your heart almost stops beating Aaaaahhhhh - YOU ARE DEAD. But let's be honest: During a phase of separation, it is difficult to tell whether you can really stay friends or not. Usually one wants friendship - the other wants more. Process all of this stuff first before you become buddies. And: it is not a defeat if you do not succeed.


Don't drown your grief (especially not alone!). There is little worse than being alone, sad, and drunk. If you've just broken up with someone, chances are you're on a nihilistic trip. Would you like to be chatted up by a drunk, pot-bellied 50-year-old - the only person besides you in this godforsaken bar? Better call your best friends. They understand, they will drink wine with you even if you have a bright red nose, are wearing scruffy pajamas and have not washed your hair for three days.


No drunk texting! If there is a risk that you make a verbose declaration of love to your ex by text message in the shower, PLEASE ask a friend to grab your cell phone and toss it into the next best volcanic vent! Because all women know from experience: He answers with a "?" to our cryptic messages, which we sent at two o'clock in the morning in a sentimental intoxication, then this is by no means the signal that you are celebrating your wedding next spring.


Start a new workout. Maybe now is not the right time for yoga … but rather a good time for - we suggest - kickboxing. Sweat out your aggression and frustration. You will see how good it is for you.


Go out into the fresh air as often as possible. It sounds like a cliché: But fresh air actually airs the mind. Especially when the sun is shining. It boosts happiness hormones. One hour of fresh air a day - and you'll at least feel a little better.


Get in the box with a hot guy. Okay, of course you didn't get that tip from us (someone should ask;-)). But a hot flirt that is not about big feelings, but about boosting your self-confidence - you should definitely treat yourself to that. Just to feel (do you know anyway) that you are still a juicy fruit on the market. And no windfall just because the idiot is gone.


Take it slow. Flirt, maybe even a one-night stand: logo. But if you feel like the guy you're just getting to know has long-term boyfriend potential - take it easy. A few non-binding meetings, nice Facebook messages and SMS, a little hot sex in the elevator. Should everything be in there. Just don't rush headlong into the next relationship and risk your heart being broken a second time in a short amount of time. Better to check if you're ready.


Don't go to his best friend's party. Yeah You are invited. And the desire to show up there in a damn sexy dress with a perfect hairstyle and make him jealous with one of his best friends is of course extreme. But consider: how high is the probability that the said best buddie will dance up and down on you completely drunk and that the matter will look more embarrassing than attractive? We say: high. But the chance is even greater that your ex will cuddle in a corner with another girl - and you will retreat with the mascara running off.


Take care of yourself. Hey You are not a grief. But a woman in her prime who has taken care of a failure for far too long. It's over! Now it's your turn. Wellness weekend, bike tour, party with the girls - enjoy your regained freedom to the full.


Write him love letters … … but NEVER send them off. Get rid of all your emotions in these letters. The grief, the fear of being alone, the anger in the moments when he hurt you. Be direct: "I hate you for leaving me!" Sounds silly, but it works.


Do not put yourself down. The really cruel part of breakups: We start to doubt ourselves. If I had been thinner, if I had dyed my hair blonde, if I would have watched more soccer games with you… We literally talk ourselves into a spiral of guilt and negative feelings. Stop getting ready. It doesn't help you any further. See the separation as an opportunity to rearrange your life now.

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