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Should i break up Ask yourself these 7 questions
Should i break up Ask yourself these 7 questions

Is it the right decision? Should I break up or do we get together again? Ending a relationship is a big step - and shouldn't be taken lightly.

7 questions to ask yourself before ending a relationship and breaking up
7 questions to ask yourself before ending a relationship and breaking up

The decision to split up is a big one that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you're struggling to end a relationship, ask yourself a few questions beforehand.

There is that moment in relationships when you feel like you've done everything you can to make the relationship work and be happy. And while there are the good parts of every relationship, there are also the ugly ones … the certain weaknesses in the relationship that make it difficult to stay with your partner and get together one more time. But how do you know when to part ways?

7 questions to ask yourself before breaking up with your partner?

1. "Can I still see myself with this person in 5 years?"

Five years can be a long time with a lot of change happening. Maybe you haven't achieved the goals you wanted to achieve by a long time. Life has new challenges in store every day, so at least be sure that you want your partner by your side.

2. "Does the good or the bad predominate in our relationship?"

Every relationship has ups and downs. It is inevitable. But if you're not happy with and in your relationship for at least half of the time, and if the pro's on your pro-and-con list clearly outweigh the odds, breaking up may really be a better decision.

3. "Are we living apart?"

Do you only talk superficially to each other in order to somehow manage your everyday life or do you still have them, the deep, hour-long conversations? Is your partner still listening? Does he or she like to come home? And how about you Are you reaching for every straw to spend less time in your relationship?

4. "Do I * really * love my partner?"

Love also means compromise. But do you really want to compromise with that person for a lifetime? Can you ignore the small flaws of the other person forever?

5. "Do I trust him / her completely?"

This question goes well beyond the concept of trust. Does your partner feed your insecurities or does he skillfully weaken them? What was your partner like in previous relationships and why did they break up?

6. "Am I constantly giving more in the relationship than I am getting?"

A relationship needs balance at the end of the day. Yes, there are times when one person gives 130 percent so that the other can get away with 70 percent and vice versa. But that doesn't work in the long run. See if you get enough in return or always back off to keep the relationship working.

7. "Do I feel loved and respected?"

In a relationship, you should feel loved and respected - at least most of the time. If you're asking yourself this one question and you're not sure how to feel, you may not get the love and respect you want. Did you talk to your partner about it and nothing has changed? Then you have your answer.

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