Separation despite love?
Separation despite love?

Is the person by your side the right one? Sometimes all love doesn't help. Breaking up is a better decision. We say when that is the case.

Separation despite love?
Separation despite love?

At the beginning of a relationship everything is exciting, pink and easy. Problems? Will never show up, never Not with this person. We hide everything negative, only see the beautiful.

But eternal happiness, permanent sunshine, that is an illusion. After three years at the latest, when the hormone level flattens a little, the first problems appear. Sometimes one wishes for a next step (children, wedding) in order to bring new excitement, movement or seriousness into love.

There is initial disappointment, mostly due to unfulfilled expectations, sometimes also due to a few habits that are first nice, then exhausting and finally unbearable.

You are confused and insecure. Is this relationship worth it to hold on to? Can't love keep, can't it be saved?

There are so many damn bad reasons to give up a relationship. But there are also a couple of very, very good reasons why breaking up is a better decision. We'll reveal which ones they are.


You are unhappy - and the reason is your relationship. The closer we feel to someone, the more we love and care for someone, the more influence this relationship has on our happiness and wellbeing. If you feel permanently unhappy, unappreciated and therefore worthless - and you can clearly attribute this feeling to your relationship - then it is better to give up. Even if the final step is also associated with pain and sadness. But with it you give yourself the chance of a new happiness.


The bad times outweigh the good. Every relationship has its ups and downs. There can be no lasting harmony and happiness (as much as we wish). If, however, the bad times outweigh the problems, if you argue for a week and then celebrate two days of honeymoon before the next crisis comes - then something is really bad. Think back to the beginning of your love. How wonderful you felt when you met. How you laughed, what a fantastic time you had. However, if it's just the past that you're holding on to and that brings tears to your eyes, you'd better break away. You deserve more than memories.


You have lost trust in your partner. Trust is the foundation on which every loving relationship is built. Without it everything collapses. If you can't trust the people around you, then something is wrong. If your loved one has cheated and lied to you and you feel that your faith in him has been irreparably destroyed or your partner is not making sufficient efforts to regain your trust, then he is not worth your time and especially your love.


Your partner is not treating you the way you deserve to be treated. How do you deserve to be treated? With respect. You are worth being perceived as the wonderful, unique person you are. There isn't a single reason to hold onto a relationship where your partner makes you feel like you are worthless, stupid, or good enough for them. None, do you hear ?!


You have been betrayed. I understand that there are people who give their partner a second or even third chance if they have been cheated on by them. I do not belong to it. Of course, some things can be suppressed, of course there are also partners who, despite the away game, are worth holding on to. But … no one can judge you if it is not in your case.


You fell in love with someone else. It happens. You have a wonderful time with someone. And suddenly someone comes into your life who just takes your breath away. Unfortunately, we cannot determine who we fall in love with or when. But when it happens, we should follow our hearts. There is a reason someone can break into your current relationship. And that doesn't speak for this.


You cannot imagine your life with your partner. None of us should be in a relationship just for being in a relationship. If you don't like the idea of spending your life with the person by your side, then he is not the right one. We can never predict whether it will be a love for eternity. But without the option, there is no point.


You don't love your partner the way they deserve to be. Sometimes you have to let people go, even if it hurts. For example, when you realize that you don't love them the way they deserve to be. When you wish them the best - but realize that you are not the right person to give it to them. If you are not the person who can be your partner's love for life, the one he deserves and with whom he can be happy, then make the difficult and painful decision and let him go.

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