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George Clooney Effect: Why We Should Date Older Men
George Clooney Effect: Why We Should Date Older Men

Anyone who has ever had an "older man" as a friend, or who is perhaps even into him at the moment, can look forward to it. Because there are many good reasons why we should date older men.

george clooney
george clooney

Everything is allowed in love and the age difference does not matter. Well, it's not quite like that. Age shouldn't be the main reason not to be in a relationship, but the fact is, older men are sexy! And there are many good reasons why we should date them!

Why we should date older men

1. Gentlemen

They are old school men. Open the door, help in your jacket and take over the bill at dinner. It all happens automatically and is not even remotely questioned.

2. Sex life

Yeah, the experience is the fun. It really is like that in bed. And one thing is certain: Older men have usually tried a lot and know how the rabbit works (or that it actually hops.)

Incidentally, more love experience also means more relationship experience. Juhuu!

3. Pole of rest

Going around the house with his boys, "going for it" or starting an adventure with strange girls - this guy doesn't want that (anymore). He has already lived himself out and is always available for romantic evenings for couples and "couching". Finally!!!

4. Anti-games

Hooray! So they still exist after all, the men who don't play games. Older men usually have no time, no desire and are too "grown up" to play stupid games. If they want to write to you, they will. And if they want to tell you that they love you, they will too. Fact!

5. Career

Incidentally, this type of man has already gone through a lot in terms of career technology and has usually reached a certain age.

6. Protector

He is there when you don't know what to do next, he is ready to help and advice and he'll give you a hug when you need it. Okay, younger men can do that too, but it's kind of sexy when the "wise, older man" protects you. Or is it not?

7. Unconditional love & loyalty

Since older men have already experienced a lot, they know exactly what they want and what they don't. So if HE chooses you, then he does it consciously and from the heart. And other women & Co are irrelevant.

8. The perfect appearance

Wiggling around drunk and standing in a club shouting? He doesn't do that anymore either. After all, he's already learned how to have fun, but in a decent way.

But don't worry guys, we like you guys even in your younger years. After all, you too are getting older and more mature…. Some earlier, some a little later …;-)

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