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Afraid of getting bored at home? This sextoy does it
Afraid of getting bored at home? This sextoy does it

The new "Womanizer Inside Out" wants to change your life … and your orgasms! We have tested whether the sextoy does what it says on the tin.

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Orgasm guarantee: That
Orgasm guarantee: That

Now they also have a new product on the market. We have already reported in detail on the previous model. Since the new "Womanizer Inside Out" consists of two parts, so to speak, a short introduction:

How does the Womanizer work?

In contrast to other vibrators that you will find on the market, the Womanizer does not vibrate, but has a "suction and blow mode". The suction cup is placed over the clitoris, gently pulls the skin and emits pulsating pressure waves. Once set, you can also control how intensively the device should suck and blow. That all sounds very technical, but in principle it simply means: clitoral stimulation without even being touched. So there can hardly be any overstimulation.


What's new about the Womanizer Inside Out?

The Womanizer Inside Out combines the well-known pressure wave technology with a G-spot stimulator; i.e. dual stimulation - clitoral and vaginal. The larger, curved shaft is first inserted vaginally so that the external stimulator is above and can reach the clitoris. Once the shaft has been inserted, the clitoris is enclosed in the small opening in the attachment and gently sucked in. You can control both the Womanizer and the vibrator individually - there are twelve intensity levels for each.

Uuuuund ????

When I unpacked the new model, I had to laugh. The Womanizer (I just leave out the Inside Out in the further description. For information only.) Is bigger than expected. Do you remember Star Trek's Starship Enterprise? This is exactly what it looks like. So while my friend first plays Captain Kirk and "goes flying" with it, I dig into the instructions for use. The good part has four buttons and two hours of charging time promise two hours of running time at the same time. The controls are quite intuitive; Two buttons each - plus and minus - are intended for the Womanizer and G-spot stimulator. The toy is also waterproof and really, really quiet.

Does the Womanizer keep what it promises?

So. What do you not do for work. Let's make it short and dive into my sex life for a moment. Just forget about it afterwards. Thanks for that! I'm actually quite good at sex - easier in some positions than others - but mostly with additional clitoral stimulation. Be it mine, a stranger's hand or a penis ring. That usually goes quite quickly, but it does require a certain amount of work. But when I tried the Womanizer for the first time, I didn't know my way around for a moment. "Confused" is probably the right word for it. It was over before it even started. In the truest sense of the word: I really can orgasm within seconds - intense - but I don't even know if I want that at all. Is that whining at a high level? I honestly don't know either.

In the following days I try different intensities and slowly get the hang of it. For me, the Womanizer remains the most intense clitoral stimulator that I know. Would I want to trade it in for my vibrator? Probably not. If you can only reach orgasm with the Womanizer, you feel that other erogenous points on the rest of the body can no longer really be included - because it is so intense. The Womanizer is particularly recommended for anal sex.


Orgasm guarantee? Yes. Something of. Multiple. Good. Sensational rather. BUT: The Womanizer Inside Out is now not exactly handy and also not necessarily suitable for a slow increase in pleasure. I am quite happy that it is in the night caster, but it will certainly not be a daily companion now. BUT NUMBER 2: I recommend the previous model unreservedly to women who have a harder time coming. It will change your life. I guarantee that. Really. What are 190 euros for an orgasm flat rate? Just? Just.

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