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How often do you have to train to see results?
How often do you have to train to see results?

Are you just starting your fitness program, but want to know when you will finally see the first results? We have the answer:

How often do you have to train to see results?
How often do you have to train to see results?

We know how you are. Because we are the same. Of course we go to the gym because we want to live healthy. But the main driver remains vanity. The buttocks should move half a centimeter higher again through the workout, the dents on the thighs fade a bit and when the little belly says goodbye, we don't cry after him.

But do we show patience with the strenuous self-optimization? Honestly? Of course not. We want results right away, or at least after the third visit to the gym!

So the big question is: When you do sport, how quickly do you get the first results?

When you will actually see the first results of your workout program on your body

According to a study by the University of Texas Southwestern, you have to train at least three times a week, or better still five times, for results to show up after a month. Benjamine Levine, author of the study: "It has been shown that the length of the workout is less important if you want to tone the body and improve heart health. The key is regularity."

So instead of sweating first an hour on the treadmill and then an hour in the weight chamber once a week, you should split your training into shorter, but several and as varied as possible units. Then you'll see better results faster.

According to the research team, the optimal training plan looks like this:

  • Monday: Biking and upper body workouts such as weight lifting
  • Tuesday: Yoga and resistance exercises like squats
  • Wednesday: Running and upper body training like bench press
  • Thursday: day off
  • Friday: Boxing and lower body resistance training
  • Saturday: day off
  • Sunday: rest day - possibly going for a walk

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