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Butt contouring with autologous fat
Butt contouring with autologous fat

Celebrities used to focus on dresses. Nowadays it's body parts, especially the buttocks. The new butt contouring promises a big crack pop!

Butt contouring with autologous fat
Butt contouring with autologous fat

Butt contouring is the alternative to butt implants. The only difference is that no silicone implants are placed in the buttocks, but rather your own fat. How convenient! Imagine: You have the excess fat sucked off your hips and then injected into your butt so that it becomes plump!

Dr. Andreas Dobrovits is a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at the Kuzbari Center for Aesthetic Medicine. It offers both options for buttock enlargement. "An extreme trend can already be seen in America. In Austria, the demand for buttocks contouring with autologous fat is still manageable," he says.

Implants vs. autologous fat

"When injecting autologous fat, you can never accurately predict whether enough fat will survive to achieve the desired increase," explains Dr. Dobrovits. "In addition, there must be enough fat on the body for removal. As with implants, asymmetries can possibly arise, although this is actually a very safe method."

The implants are positioned in the gluteal muscle via an incision in the fold between the two halves of the buttocks. Therefore, sitting is forbidden at the beginning. And even with the method with autologous fat, sitting is difficult at first. However, there are almost no wound healing disorders here.

We think the idea of removing our fat from our hips and then injecting it into our buttocks is not a bad thing. That would be two birds with one stone.

What does a buttock enlargement cost?

In the Kuzbari Center in Vienna, the procedure costs between 7,000 and 9,000 euros. Uff, maybe try Jen Selter's fitness tutorials beforehand!

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