Pop icon Robbie Williams and WW prove that everyone is after
Pop icon Robbie Williams and WW prove that everyone is after

Robbie Willliams, global ambassador for WW, teams up with fellow namesakes and his choreographer Jenny to present "Rockstar Workout" - For Every Body

Pop icon Robbie Williams and WW prove that everyone can live healthier according to the campaign motto 'For Every Body'
Pop icon Robbie Williams and WW prove that everyone can live healthier according to the campaign motto 'For Every Body'

Exactly in the week in which, according to a study, many people have already forgotten their resolutions for the new year, WW - the new Weight Watchers - reminds them again. To show that a healthier lifestyle really is for everyone (For Every Body), pop star Robbie Williams recently invited four more Robbies Williams' to join him. Together with him and his choreographer Jenny Griffin, moves were created for four of his most famous songs (Rock DJ, Let Me Entertain You, Candy and Kids), which should inspire each of us to move more. Since his namesakes have now mastered the moves, Robbie is now calling on people all over the world to join him on his wellness journey and share their best moves under #WWForEveryBody. Whether together with friends or alone, on the street or in your own bedroom, or even with colleagues in the office - anyone who is inspired by the video can participate and thus get the chance to practice their own dance skills until February 19, 2019 Robbie's social media channels.

"I really want to live healthier this year and WW is the first program that makes me feel like it fits into my busy schedule," said Robbie Williams, global brand ambassador for WW. "It was a lot of fun getting to know the other Robbies and developing the moves for my hits together. Because living healthier should be fun and not exclusive - it's easy for everyone … um … Robbie."

"I've got a couple of hotel room upgrades to my name, Robbie Williams, over the past few years," added Bristol-based Robbie Williams, 43 (not a pop star yet). "It was amazing to meet Robbie Williams in person. And even if I probably won't get a job as one of his backing dancers in the near future, it definitely inspired me to think about my own well-being and live more healthily."

The meeting of the five Robbie Williams is part of the global 'For Every Body' campaign from WW, which was started at the same time in the context of the current "WW Global Wellness Survey", according to which 90 percent of the worldwide respondents said they were improving their physical, mental and emotional Have health high on their 2019 target list. The campaign aims to show that a healthier life - be it through better eating, more exercise or developing a healthier mindset - is something that everyone can take into their own hands.

Everyone has their own reason to live healthier, and WW has inspired millions of people for decades with scientifically based, proven programs to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. Weight loss is the first step in the wellness journey for many, and WW Freestyle [TM] is the most effective, everyday program in the company's history - it has been proven to help people lose weight, sleep better, and feel happier.

"From being inspired to keep up with the family to wanting to start the day full of energy, everyone has their own personal reason to be healthier," said Gail Tifford, chief brand officer, WW. "Our goal is to expand our leading position in weight management and to offer a holistic and personalized platform for wellness and wellbeing - For Every Body. We hope that everyone will be inspired by the Robbies to exercise and live healthier - whether they are are or aren't a global pop icon."

WW continuously improves the user experience with innovative content, tools and resources that accompany and support the participants' WW trips. One of these innovations is the community building function within the WW app: the Connect Groups, in which participants can join together to form like-minded groups. The groups are on the following topics: That's me, my way, food, exercise, mindset, hobby.

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