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Snack time! This is the time of day when you burn the most calories
Snack time! This is the time of day when you burn the most calories

If you are already snacking, it is best to do it at the time when the metabolism is most actively consuming the calories it has supplied.

Snack time
Snack time

There are people who are blessed with a metabolism that immediately processes and burns everything you allow yourself. And then there are beings like me who can personally greet every single chip that is eaten on their hips.

But apparently it is not only decisive how many chips you eat a day - or rather, how many calories you consume every day, but also when you consume them. A new study shows that it is possible to burn an average of around 10% more calories at certain times of the day than at other times.

This is the time of day when your metabolism is most active

And of course we now all want to know when it would be best to have an additional snack: More calories are burned in the late afternoon and early evening than in the early morning. And that too, if you are not moving. So that means, if you just sit around at 5 in the afternoon, you will burn, on average, 10% more than at 5 in the morning sitting around.

This was found out through research on sleep disorders and the internal biological clock. To do this, a small number of test subjects lived for a month in a laboratory with no windows and no access to a watch. The participants couldn't really know when it was day and when it was night. And the daily plans with predefined sleeping times did not necessarily correspond to the actual time of day and night.

Since there were no external impulses (such as light or dark) that dictate when to sleep or eat, the internal clocks of the participants could be reduced to their purely biological ones. And during this biological time the different metabolic rates were measured. In the late "biological" night - that is, in the early morning - the metabolism was least active and peaked twelve hours later - that is, in the afternoon, when an average of 130 calories more were consumed than in the morning.

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