The mother-in-law crisis
The mother-in-law crisis

Life can be so simple, but then SHE came! These mother-in-law types can make life really difficult!

The mother-in-law crisis!
The mother-in-law crisis!

The dear mother-in-law

It should actually exist, dear mother-in-law! Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to find it. This mother-in-law type is described by the daughters-in-law as open-minded, helpful, warm and, above all, considerate. She takes care of the grandchildren and helps out with various household emergencies. But she also knows her limits and does not interfere in conflicts. From here at the latest you will notice that there are really only very rare ones!

She respects her daughter-in-law, does not compete with her and treats her with appreciation instead of jealousy. If you have problems you can speak to her about it and talk to her about it.

And what is particularly important: She treats her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren as equals and gives them all her love.

In this case, you can count yourself absolutely lucky and enjoy family life to the fullest!

The Monster-in-Law (The Evil One)

Interestingly, a more distant relationship between grandmother and grandchildren can also be observed in these cases.

The son is always in conflict as to which side he takes in an argument and who is indirectly "stabbed in the back". The attempt by the mother-in-law to turn the son against the daughter-in-law by listing errors and shortcomings and holding them up against him is also particularly devious.

Tip: Anyone who has this type of mother-in-law at home should definitely learn to deal with confrontations and arguments that may arise. Dragging the husband or fiancé into an argument does nothing and only creates a bad mood between you - and since that would mean that the mother-in-law managed to bring bad air into the relationship, this should be counteracted for that reason alone. Self-confidence, self-confidence and a strong demeanor are particularly important here!

Detached and disinterested

This type of mother-in-law is a very reserved, distant and cool woman who develops and allows little relationship with her daughter-in-law. In addition, the relationship with the daughter-in-law is not the only problem, because the grandchildren are only "noticed" with very little attention. This insensitive, insensitive and above all disinterested manner makes many a daughter-in-law desperate. The sympathy on both sides is rather bad than right, but since the men also suffer from the mother's behavior, they show more understanding for the wife and in most cases are on her side. He tries to act as a mediator when there is a problem, although this is a difficult endeavor because the mother will be quick to get upset and deny that she behaves in this way.

Tip: The mother-in-law does not try to change and emotionally distance herself from the overall situation. Treat her the same cold as you do, but be polite and respectful. Such women can only be beaten with your own arms. And you can always be sure of one thing: the man will always be by your side!

Annoying but useful

She's really nice, cooks deliciously and irons the most beautiful shirt collars, but she's just incredibly annoying! The annoying but also useful mother-in-law type has its advantages and disadvantages. It is she who interferes all the time, not with the intention of breaking a fight between the spouses, but still to "have a say". Her pushy and annoying manner can lead to some tension. However, on the other hand, she is a grandma you can rely on, who takes care of the children when mom and dad go out in the evening or when mom has an important appointment in the afternoon. She also comes and irons the laundry baskets that have passed over, sees the work and tries to help in the best possible way. Unfortunately, sometimes in a very dominant way. So the bitch alarm is preprogrammed!

Tip: Arguments with this type of mother-in-law just make less sense, because it will end up in the way that she is pissed off, the poor insulted person plays and ultimately nothing will change. It is important to point out the limits from the start and also to communicate them to the man. Certain rules have to be followed.

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