The funniest wedding games
The funniest wedding games
The funniest wedding games
The funniest wedding games

pot and lid

What is required: 2 chairs, rolling pin for the woman, beer bottle for the man, a catalog of questions tailored to the bride and groom, 1 moderator

This is how it works: The couple sit back to back in front of the wedding party so they can all see. However, the bride and groom do not see each other. Then it's about answering the moderator's questions by holding up the rolling pin or beer bottle. The man gets the rolling pin, the woman the bottle, because with the questions you show from your point of view whether these things and claims apply to HIM or SHE.

Examples: Who is the more romantic part of the relationship, or who does the housework, or who needs longer in the bathroom in the morning, etc.

Balloon mail

Postcards are provided with the address of the bride and groom with a text that could look something like this: "We got married. This card was sent on the day of our wedding. If you find one of the cards, please put it in the nearest post box."

Each guest receives a card and writes a surprise on it (dinner invitation, excursion, voucher, or gift). Then the cards are hung on balloons, which are filled with balloon gas. When everyone is done, all of the balloons are released at the same time.

Every card that comes back can be redeemed by the bride and groom at the respective wedding guest.

Recognition game

The groom is blindfolded and has to kneel on the floor. Then the bride and several women will give the wedding party to sit on chairs in a row and free one leg. The task of the groom is now to feel the legs of his bride and, above all, to recognize them.

The same variant can also be done the other way round, in that the bride has to find the hairy leg of her husband.

This game is guaranteed to be a laugh at every wedding party.

Jerusalem dance


Funny pseudo raffle

During the wedding party, lots will be sold for 1 euro each. Of course there are also rivets with the text "Congratulations: Fortunately, you didn't win!".

But prizes can also be won. But this is mainly about the gag and entertainment aspect. And the few euros are given to the bride and groom.

To announce what the main prizes are and to encourage guests to buy something:

Dream trip for 2 people, BMW, 1 wellness week, Candlelight dinner

41-piece kitchen aid set

Then the prize distribution followed and it turns out that the prizes were meant to be "funny":

The dream trip for 2 people turned out to be 2 sleeping pills.

"BMW" stands for bread with sausage

The wellness week consists of a massage brush, shower bath and lotion

The candlelight dinner (location of your choice) is a candle and a pack of Maggi-Fix

The 41-piece kitchen aid set is a box of matches

This list can be continued for a long time and original ideas can be brought in. There are no limits to the imagination and the fun becomes funny when the presents are handed over at the latest.

Album with funny wedding photos

What is required: all kinds of costume accessories, a photographer, a white canvas and a Polaroid camera

This is how it works: The wedding guests are asked to look for something out of the disguise box and pose for the camera alone or in a group. Then 1-2 photos are taken and stuck in an album of the respective people, where they can also write something for the bride and groom.

A nice memory with funny snapshots from the wedding that you like to look at and read through again.

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