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10 gifts that wedding guests are really happy about
10 gifts that wedding guests are really happy about

Are you getting married soon and want to do something good for your guests too? Then give them a gift that they won't forget. We have 10 ideas for you!

wedding favors
wedding favors

A wedding is an event that ideally not only the bride and groom will remember forever, but also the guests! Then of course everything plays a role, from the wedding ceremony to the program and the meal. What can also help are loving favors! Sure, if you have a rather small budget, you will not choose the most expensive option, but many of the bottom 10 ideas can be implemented well at least on a small scale.

Single use cameras

Let the guests capture their own moments! It is best to give them a voucher for developing, otherwise there is a high risk that they will never hold their photos in their hands.

Stick on tattoos

On Etsy you can have tattoos designed with an individual motif. Whether it is the head of the bride or groom or the family dog - all motifs are allowed!


Vintage style bottle opener

A practical and relatively inexpensive gift that is particularly suitable for vintage or hippie-style weddings. If you then continue to use the key as a symbol on the invitations and menu cards, the guests will be amazed!

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Hangover kits

Anyone planning a wild party should motivate the guests to stay as long as possible. And nothing helps better than a small package that will make the hangover better the next day.

Dried flowers

You can find these beautiful dried flowers on Etsy. They are also individually labeled! For reasons of cost, it is more suitable for a small wedding. But the wow factor cannot be denied!

Compartments for the summer wedding

If you have a smaller budget and are getting married in the summer, you can also make the gift thing easy: fans dry the melting make-up and make sweaty guests happy.

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Having your own photo station is always very popular! Especially when the guests are allowed to take some of the photos with them. It is best to combine this action with the guest book: a photo is pasted in, one is taken with you!

Mini succulents

The perfect gift if you want the guests to actively remember the wedding. Because every time they water the little flower, they'll think about where they got it from.

Posters from the wedding location

These beautiful, minimalist posters can also be found on Etsy. If you have an almost infinite budget for the wedding, you can give these posters to all guests as a present. But for reasons of cost they are better suited as gifts for the closest circle or the groomsmen.

Plant seeds

This is of course the perfect gift for guests with a garden. And balcony botanists also benefit from it. If you don't have a garden, you simply scatter the flowers in a guerrilla style on excursions into the forest. In any case, the message is: Scatter our love!

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