Maid of Honor: This is how she does her job perfectly
Maid of Honor: This is how she does her job perfectly

As a maid of honor you have a few tasks to do and they should also be perfect. We reveal the most important points to consider in order to do a really good job.

Maid of Honor: This is how she does her job perfectly!
Maid of Honor: This is how she does her job perfectly!

The maid of honor and the bride and groom

The wishes, ideas and problems are from now also relevant for the maid of honor and topic number 1. Joint discussions regarding the wedding preparation are therefore the alpha and omega and should also be carried out according to the wishes of the bride and groom. If something does not fit, it will be made to fit! This is the basic rule that every maid of honor should take to heart!

Organizational matters

Whatever needs to be done, the maid of honor should have an accurate schedule and schedule. The fact that you get in touch with the wedding guests (email, phone, letter) and discuss various things is also in the hands of the maid of honor. Invitations, seating arrangements, decorations and the supporting program can sometimes be discussed and organized by the bride alone, but in most cases together with the maid of honor.

Intense, but not too detailed

Working closely with the bride and groom does not mean that you have to discuss and plan everything down to the last detail with them. After all, there should still be surprises! However, one should find out what the bride and groom want and what is absolutely taboo for them.



In addition to the bride and groom, the maid of honor is VIP number 2! If you have any questions, problems or small incidents, you should stick to the maid of honor and not burden the newlyweds with it. Accordingly, the maid of honor should also feel up to this task and oversee everything.

Caregiver for the bride

Small uncertainties before the yes-word, a button torn off, the hairstyle too loose or the mascara worn out? The maid of honor should get an SOS set for the bride so that all eventualities can be resolved without problems.


And of course the maid of honor should enjoy the day as much as the other wedding guests! Those who seem or are too stressed are doing themselves and the guests a disservice!

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