Bridal couples smoke in their wedding photos & we don't know what to say about this trend
Bridal couples smoke in their wedding photos & we don't know what to say about this trend

Smoky wedding photos - sounds like an absolute nightmare, but some bridal couples want it that way! Because they think their vapes are pretty cool …

vape wedding
vape wedding

Anyone who has already married knows how important wedding photos really are. They are the only thing that truly reminds you of the most beautiful day of your life. Because if you are honest, a wedding is like having children: amnesia sets in the very next day and every memory - whether painful or beautiful - is torn away. That's why the photos should be perfect. By this we mean:

  • Got the chocolate side
  • Not blurred
  • No finger in the lens
  • Not smoky

The latter doesn't seem to be on everyone's list of expectations, though. For proof, a wedding photo from Instagram:

Yes, this is what it looks like, the new wedding trend: Vape Wedding. Newlyweds who smoke e-cigarettes and try to look extra casual in the process. Please don't get it wrong - we don't want to dissolve any couples here who really like the photo. Our motto is always: You Do You. But it's amazing how old-fashioned ideals of coolness (think of the cigarette advertisements from back then) keep coming back.

Well, with an e-cigarette you can produce quite impressive clouds of smoke. And if vaping together is part of their lifestyle, the couple shouldn't resist it either. As non-smokers, we only ask ourselves whether these are the photos that you proudly show your children: "Look, mom was so beautiful at our wedding!". "Which of them is mom?"

We also say a little prayer for all non-smoking guests - excessive vaping is probably not so fun for them …

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