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Corona news that exceptionally make you happy & give hope
Corona news that exceptionally make you happy & give hope

The last days and weeks have been very intense. The constant news about the corona pandemic makes us nervous and fearful. We have collected news related to the coronavirus, but still give us hope at this time!

Corona pandemic: This corona news makes us happy and gives us hope!
Corona pandemic: This corona news makes us happy and gives us hope!

It's been stressful weeks right now. The news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading around the world has made us all - understandably - fearful and nervous. But in a time of crisis, it is the beautiful moments that bring us out of the darkness and give us hope. The spread of the coronavirus, as scary as it is, has really gotten the most out of people with the many generous donations, kind messages and selfless service that have happened over the past few weeks. Without exaggeration.

In order to forget for a few minutes the important but troubling facts that are flooding your newsfeeds right now, we would like to highlight those moments that sparked joy and hope during a time of sadness and fear. Below you can see people spreading good vibes during the coronavirus pandemic. Get inspiration to do the same in your community. Alone together - we can do it!

This news shows that we humans are moving closer together thanks to the coronavirus

Italians and Spaniards applaud all the people in the healthcare industry

Italy and Spain are in complete lock-down. But that didn't stop the locals from showing their collective gratitude for all those who are doing their best in the health sector. On March 15th, they opened their windows, went out on the balcony and applauded. The event was organized via social media and has already been tried in Austria. So open the window and always clap at 6:00 p.m. They deserved it!

The airline boss waives his salary for six months

The "Delta Airlines" CEO Ed Bastain announced that he would be giving up his salary for six months in order not to have to lay off any employees. Other CEOs of American airlines also cut their own salaries. Good role models …;-)

Disneyland donates leftover food

All Disney parks had to close because of the corona pandemic and all events had to be canceled. They donate the food that would otherwise be needed for the parks.

Celebrities donate millions

Many small businesses in particular are in financially precarious situations due to the corona situation. More and more celebrities - including NBA player Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha - are donating millions.

People sing "Happy Birthday" to their neighbor

In Lebanon, neighbors sang "Happy Birthday" together for a birthday child from the balcony. The woman celebrating her birthday held up a cake with candles while her neighbors sang for her. This is exactly the kind of support we should be giving all of our neighbors right now!

Children play a concert for their older neighbor

In Ohio, USA, children played a little cello concert on their porch for their neighbor. It is currently in quarantine. Hear them cheer at the end of the video - it will move your tears!

Love in times of Corona

Even without explanation, we are moved by the photo of this man. He has been married to his loved one for 67 years. Because of the Corona security measures, they are currently not allowed to see each other. With balloons, a handwritten sign and a message, he stood under her window to show her how much he supports and loves her. We're melting.

What do all these cases show? In addition to all the current uncertainty, there are still those beautiful moments that let us breathe a sigh of relief. Stick together and keep sharing your love !.

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