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That's the real reason all bridesmaids wear the same dress to the wedding
That's the real reason all bridesmaids wear the same dress to the wedding

If all the bridesmaids are wearing the same, the photos will be prettier! But that is not the original tradition behind the right clothes.

wedding bridesmaids
wedding bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is both an honor and a risk. Because who knows what outfits the bride has in mind? And you can't really refuse her wishes. So it can happen that you walk through a bulging church in the pink monster with five other oversized cupcakes. But what do you not do for love?

Whereby tradition has nothing to do with friendship or beautiful wedding photos. Rather, it's about protecting the bride! The origin lies in a superstition. In ancient Rome, the bridesmaids even wore the same dress as the bride. At first glance, you shouldn't be able to tell the women involved from one another. This should potentially confuse evil spirits and thus keep them away from the couple.

Nowadays, of course, the bridesmaids have a completely different meaning. You help the bride organize and experience the wedding up close with her friend. And the fact that they all look (roughly) the same has the opposite effect to the old tradition: Now the bride wants to stand out from the "mass" of pretty women.

By the way, it doesn't always have to be bridesmaid dresses that take some getting used to:

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