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The couple proposes marriage at exactly the same time
The couple proposes marriage at exactly the same time

A couple not only made the exact same marriage proposal at the same time - and don't worry, we have a video of the delightful moment!

Marriage proposal
Marriage proposal

Life always surprises you exactly when you least expect it. When Tori Monaco, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, was dying to ask her partner the question of all questions during a game of Pictionary, she never expected her friend to beat her in the discipline. The lesbian couple planned the exact same marriage proposal in exactly the same way on the exact same day. Is it even better?

Monaco and her current fiancée Berkley Cade met through a dating app a year earlier, according to BuzzFeed News. They were each other's first same-sex relationship. The two felt connected from the start. Monaco quickly realized that Cade was the woman of her life.

Apparently, Cade felt the same way. That is why she and her mother Kristy have started thinking about various marriage proposals. They agreed that Cade should propose to Monaco during a game of Pictionary while the couple were visiting their family in Washington.

That weird? At the same time, Monaco contacted Cade's mom to tell her that she had a ring for her daughter. She intended to propose to Cade during a game of charade, but Kristy switched quickly and suggested that she propose to Pictionary. This incredibly sweet coincidence would not have come about so perfectly without a little help:

… and then this happened:

To be honest, how cute is that? But Monaco had no idea until the end. She was much more likely to think that her current fiancée had got wind of HER marriage proposal and was therefore as nervous as she later told Buzzfeed.

The tweet was shared nearly 25,000 times and pondered over 70,000 times. We wish all, all the best!

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