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Caterers, wedding planners & Co share their worst experiences
Caterers, wedding planners & Co share their worst experiences

When their own wedding is just around the corner, many bridal couples go crazy. Caterers, Wedding Planners & Co report on their worst experiences online.


Planning a wedding yourself can be really exhausting, nerve-wracking and, above all, lengthy. Believe me, I'm already behind me! But while I "only" had to take care of about 70 people, I don't even want to imagine how it would be with a larger number of guests. And this is where the wedding professionals come into play: wedding planners, stylists, decorators, florists and caterers. They all have a tough lot to do, because although it is their job to help shape someone else's most beautiful day (we can imagine far sadder jobs..), the greater the pressure on them.

And they are repeatedly confronted with unrealistic and even hair-raising inquiries. Fortunately, there is the Internet, where the professionals can let off steam. Just like Onequa, an independent catering lady who mainly promotes her business on Instagram. Some time ago, she published a chat history that involved setting up a wedding with around 200 guests. The bride's wishes were pretty exclusive, and yet Onequa "only" charged $ 5,000 for a starter, main course, and dessert. But that was too much for the bride and groom:

"$ 5,000? …"

"Yes, I buy all the food and then I prepare it, correct?"

"Yeah, lol, but why so much? You're just an Instagram caterer. It's not like you have your own restaurant or anything."

"What does this have to do with the fact that I am supposed to prepare food for 200 people?"

"Each of you caterers has some good trick for persuading. She (the bride) said $ 2,100, take it or just leave it."

"Tell her I don't need this. Have fun!"

Onequa later thanked her followers for the support and encouragement, who had started ranting about the stingy bride and groom. The catering lady herself did not find it that strange, because she read such unrealistic inquiries again and again in the mailbox.

And not only she comes into contact with foolish bridal couples (and sorry, with bridezillas!). If you search the net for horror stories from wedding professionals, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Here is a selection of the best stories posted on Reddit:

"I worked at a wedding that ordered food for two days. Lots of food! The bride (and her mother) worked in shifts to ensure that none of the staff could get a bite of their leftovers. They always followed us in the kitchen and even watched us put the food in the iceboxes. At the end of the wedding, they ordered us to throw away all the leftovers (and there were a lot of leftovers, we're talking about a budget of around $ 5,200). They also watched us. ", from MongrelManners.

"A bride called me broken up because her best friend was getting married that same year. Apparently she saw her as her special property all year round and yelled at me because she said her friend was just 'stealing the show' Weddings weren't even scheduled in the same season or in the same month: She married in October, the girlfriend in June … ", by sillykitty1990.

"When I got to the wedding location, I heard the bride screaming. She was yelling at her stylist, and then at her bridesmaids, because she thought they were more beautifully styled than she was. She made the stylist 'prettier' her.", by retrofuturist.

"The bride Sandra tried on several dresses before she decided on one. To determine the size, we had her wear large dresses that were pinned down to their size. Finally my mother (note the mother of the Reddit user) measured hers She said that she would need an 8 (size 38) dress. Sandra freaked out and said that she would always buy all her other clothes in size 4 (size 34). She asked my mother to wear the little dress (…) A few weeks before the wedding the dress in size 4 arrived and it didn't close. The bride almost collapsed. And my mother had to apologize and order a larger dress. ", by fieldofdaisies4.

“The bride really wanted us to bring her guests the same food that was served in the next room at a super-rich wedding. When we said she hadn't paid for it, she ran into the kitchen after one of our employees and tried to do it herself We accompanied her gently out and then served her a few more bites. But she didn't leave our boss alone with the matter all night … ", by casinogirl2001.

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