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Friendship-Wedding: Still single? Marry your best friend
Friendship-Wedding: Still single? Marry your best friend

Best Friends Forever! Why not put this motto into practice and marry your best friend? A couple of US friends have already dared to do it.

best friends wedding
best friends wedding

When you were young, didn't you dream of growing old with your best friend (or best friend)? Moving into a house together in old age, keeping a lot of cats and just chilling out? These dreams are no longer so absurd in 2020, because we live in a world of individualists. In other words: everyone can do what they like - even marry their best friend!

Keyword: friendship weddings. And we are nowhere near the first to think of this. In fact, a Google search for "marry your best friend" yields interesting hits in various forums. They sound something like this: "… we've both been singles for 10 years and best friends for 25 years, so why shouldn't we marry each other?" or something like this: "We live together and can no longer live without each other. Now I ask myself, should we get married?"

Why are we interested in forum posts that are getting old? Because a couple of friends in the USA actually got married recently, as PureWow reports. Dylan and Mary-Louise have been friends for two years and live together in New York. You have officially partnered. This type of connection corresponds to the registered partnership under Austrian law. Most important requirement: living together & you must not be married to someone else.

Their friendship has been raised to a family level through the registered partnership, so Dylan and Mary-Louise. And in the USA, for example, this has great advantages in the medical field. In the absence of a uniform health system, many workplaces offer their own health insurance. In many cases, these also apply to the partner.

Friendship wedding: yes or no?

Another point of criticism came into play with the forum contributions mentioned above: The authors of the inquiries were accused of drawing the significance of registered partnerships through cocoa with their "childish" plans. Fortunately, that's not the case today - but it wasn't long ago that same-sex couples were the only option to get married. So you can understand where the criticism comes from: some partner out for fun, while others have no other choice if they want to be connected before the law.

Conclusion: If you are aware of all the consequences and do not take the decision lightly, then nothing stands in the way of a friendship wedding! Maybe you will go this way a little later, when you are 80 in the same house with the many cats …

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