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This hotel in Iceland rewards couples when the * woman * proposes marriage on February 29th
This hotel in Iceland rewards couples when the * woman * proposes marriage on February 29th

Have you talked about getting married many times, but are you still waiting for the proposal? Take the scepter into your own hands! On February 29th. Because a hotel in Iceland wants to reward courage …

island hotel marriage proposal
island hotel marriage proposal

Sorry if I shock you, but marriage proposals should really no longer be just a man's business! The emancipation of women is so advanced in many areas of life. Not only that! Men can also live out their feminine side much more easily. And yet almost everything that has to do with marriage is still so ultra-conservative …

And that may not have that much to do with your own preferences. In many cases it is the social environment that puts pressure on a couple. When the man's side always says: "When are you finally going to ask her? And what have you planned?" and on the woman's side everyone always says: "I'm sure you'll get an application soon! I'm excited to see what the ring looks like." Then it is not that easy to shake the norms.

I know that from experience. Because my husband and I asked each other for a hand. It happened spontaneously, casually and was a totally romantic experience for us. Nevertheless, almost everyone who heard this story insisted that * he * spoke first after all. As if they had to reassure themselves that our marriage proposal is quite normal anyway.

You have to be mentally stable in order not to be downplayed your own marriage proposal. The PR team of an Icelandic hotel seems to know this and therefore offers couples an incentive to go the "rebellious" route anyway. They urge women to propose marriage to their sweetheart on February 29th - that is, on leap day.

You should only apply by e-mail to the Hotel Rangá and you can not only win a stay, but also a complete "marriage proposal program". Including a helicopter flight to a frozen waterfall, romantic viewing of the starry sky with a telescope and a large breakfast. And if you are particularly lucky, you will also get the northern lights in front of your lens!

Marketing director Eyrún Aníta Gylfadóttir explained in an interview why the campaign falls exactly on February 29th: "Iceland is generally a great advocate of women's rights. And we love the tradition that is linked to the leap day. So it is particularly beneficial Lucky if women propose marriage that day."

Well, ladies, who dares to break the gender boundaries?

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