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How long should you be together before getting married?
How long should you be together before getting married?

When is it time to get married? Difficult to say. If it feels right, maybe? What if there are children together? For once, we orientate ourselves to other couples.

Wedding shoes
Wedding shoes

Actually, we haven't really believed in eternal love since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake split up. At the latest with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, we were finally brought back to reality. The couples in our circle of friends and dating apps that promise successful dating give us hope again. But times have changed anyway. When it comes to love, romance, and the average time couples spend together before getting married, there are new rules. And your own.

Nowadays less money is spent on extremely expensive rings and grandiose wedding locations and more is invested in time together. At least according to a study.

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How long should you be together before getting married?

In 2017, the wedding planning site Bridebook conducted a survey of over 4,000 people and found that people spend an average of 4 or 9 years with their loved one before they step in front of the wedding altar.

These 5 years can then be broken down into the following dates:

  • After 1 or 4 years, couples move in together,
  • after 1, 83 of living together they get engaged,
  • and after another 1.67 years they get married.

In general, we get married much later now than we did a few years ago. Nowadays the average woman marries at 30.8 years old, men at 32.7 years old. In 1972 the average age was 22.6 and 24.6 years, respectively.

But getting to know your partner takes time. One of the most important factors in finding happiness in life with someone is shared values. People who grew up differently often take longer to find out exactly that.

Because we now wait so long before we dare, most of them have more experience with long-term relationships. On average, people had two long relationships before getting married. In general, according to the study, we no longer feel obliged to marry - in contrast to our parents' generation.

The good? Because we are now taking more time to get to know each other, the marriage rate may decrease, but sooner or later the divorce rate will also decrease. Nowadays, marriages are stronger than ever, serious relationships happier, couples more independent and more in love than ever. Sounds fantastic!

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