Divorce according to plan
Divorce according to plan
Two wooden figures - man and woman - lie separated from each other in wedding robes
Two wooden figures - man and woman - lie separated from each other in wedding robes

A wedding is planned down to the smallest detail. When they split up, everything is different: arguments, worries, anger and chaos often block the view of a solution. Barbara Steurer from Vienna also noticed this when one relationship after another broke up in her circle of friends.

Now the 39-year-old lawyer has opened up a niche in the market and, with her neo-company Die Scheidungsplaner, offers future ex-couples help for the perfect separation. The advantage, according to the provider: You don't have to go to a number of places and torment yourself with every problem individually.

If just expressing the idea of separation represents an almost insurmountable hurdle for you, there is now a service that relieves these worries: the separation agency MachSchluss.

There are these types of divorce:


Divorce due to fault: A lawsuit must be filed with the locally responsible district court. Reasons for a "culpable divorce":

Physical violence and threats

Inflicting severe emotional suffering (devaluations, humiliation, control behavior)

Violation of fiduciary duty (marital relationship, adultery)

Violation of decent encounter (loveless behavior, no joint activities)

Neglect of the duty to provide assistance (e.g. in the event of illness)

Neglect of the budget (the half-half principle applies!)

Breach of maintenance obligation (e.g. not enough money for the household)

Refusal of sexual intercourse for no reason

Unauthorized annulment of the marriage partnership (e.g. leaving the marital home for "no reason" against the will of the spouse)

Dishonorable or immoral behavior (e.g. crime)

Alcoholism, other addictions (substance abuse, gambling addiction)


Divorce for other reasons:

Behavior based on mental disorder

Mental illness (such as schizophrenia)

Mental illness (such as schizophrenia)


Disturbance separation: Or also: divorce due to the dissolution of the domestic community. The conditions:

the conjugal union has been dissolved for 3 (at most 6) years and

the marriage is incurably broken


Consensual Divorce: Since it is a so-called non-dispute procedure, the question "Who is to blame?" no problem. The conditions:

Both spouses want a divorce

The main consequences of the divorce are recorded in a written agreement

The marital union has been terminated for at least 6 months (also possible if they still live together)

The marriage is incurably broken, no resumption of the conjugal union is to be expected

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