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Listen to me: You can only overcome a breakup with "contact blocking"
Listen to me: You can only overcome a breakup with "contact blocking"

We know it anyway - nobody wants to hear it because the thought of it just hurts too much after a breakup, but: The "no contact rule" is the only way to overcome the end of a relationship …


Breakups suck. Without exception. This fact cannot be beautiful. Regardless of whether you have separated for good or you are in the middle of a gruesome divorce. One of the most frequent Google queries on the subject of love and lovesickness is therefore probably how to get over a breakup as quickly and unscathed as possible.

The simplest and best solution, but almost nobody wants to hear: NONE. CONTACT. At least until further notice. Once you've separated, the "out of sight, out of mind" solution is the only right one for now. Otherwise you can never really break away from your ex-partner. What does that mean in plain English? Block him or her. All over.

Block …

  • the telephone number
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Yes. even PayPal

Why it is so important not to have any contact with your ex first

This strict approach makes it difficult for you to get in touch again, but that's exactly what it's all about. The chances that you are staring at your cell phone at the moment because you are still waiting for a message from your ex are probably not that low …

The thing is: this is the only way to get ahead and get over your ex. Or to put it another way: This is the easiest way to become aware of what you really want. The "What are you doing" messages at 2 am (regardless of whether they come from you or your ex) do not bring anything to anyone during the separation phase.

Should I have contact with his or her friends and family?

Anyone who wants to go one step further has little contact with their ex's family and friends for the time being. Important: It is not about maintaining such a ban on contact forever and friendships with ex-partners are quite possible. But if you are injured and, in the worst case, would like to be with your ex-partner again, the "no contact rule" is best for you for the time being.

And yes, we know that is easier said than done. It takes a good deal of discipline and willpower to get through such a breakup. So if you fail to delete the number entirely or to block the person, we recommend at least changing the name that will remind you on (intoxicated and lonely) nights why it is better not to write a message now.

And believe us - even if it now seems hopeless - ALL. WILL. WELL. By the way, you can find even more tips for dealing with a breakup HERE!

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