Still the ex on your mind?
Still the ex on your mind?

A new year - a new love! Sounds great. But it doesn't work if the ex is still haunted in your head. How you finally end it.

Still the ex on your mind?
Still the ex on your mind?

Every relationship contributes something to our life backpack. Some things burden us more heavily, others we can quickly push aside again. Nevertheless, when we switch from one relationship to the next, the risk is higher that the emotions associated with the breakup have not yet been processed. You still can't get your ex out of your head.

In spite of its faults, it is suddenly idealized; the unpleasant aspects are completely hidden. With statements like "my ex could do better", "you are just as messy as him" or "but he always did it that way" we run the risk of annoying and scaring off our new partner. Nobody likes to be compared - especially not with their girlfriend's ex.

So that we can get our ex out of our heads faster, the Parship psychologist gave us the best tips on how to process relationships.

This is how you get your ex out of your head - and strengthen your new love


To lock! Focus on the present and give your partner the opportunity to develop their own personality. Accept that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.


Silence is golden! Should a comparison occur to you again, keep that thought to yourself. You're only hurting the other person and fueling their jealousy.


Reflection. Check what you might be missing right now, what you would like from your new partner. What are you dissatisfied with? Bring your issue up without bringing your ex-boyfriend into play.

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