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Stop putting such pressure on women in their early 30s
Stop putting such pressure on women in their early 30s

Regardless of your relationship status, from the outside it is somehow "never enough". Why not ask certain questions in your early 30s.

Stop putting such pressure on women in their early 30s
Stop putting such pressure on women in their early 30s

You have probably just turned 30 or are just about to - otherwise you would not have ended up here. It was a year ago for me, but in the past 12 months, not only I, but almost all of my friends celebrated their 30th. And exactly since that time I have noticed one thing in particular: everyone around me suddenly gets a mini-crisis. How long it lasts is completely different. The main reason for this is the external pressure. Pressure that is triggered by thoughtless questions that one could easily save. And for once, women and men are equally affected by this.

No matter what your relationship status is: There is apparently still "more" possible

In their early 30s in particular, starting a family seems to be a priority. A topic that should be treated quite sensitively suddenly spreads to all members during the family celebration. The sequence seems to be deeply anchored in society - depending on the relationship status:

You can't really do it right …

  • If you are single: "Why don't you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?"
  • Are you forgiven for a few months: "When do you plan to move in together?"
  • Just moved in together, further questions arise: "When are you getting married?"
  • "Finally" married (as if it were the only goal in life): "When are you planning children?"
  • After the first child: "When will the second come?"

"It's just none of your business!"

Questions that suggest that you somehow always lag a little behind. No matter how you twist it, you can't really get it right in your early 30s. At least not if you don't live the classic family model. And even if most of the questioners don't mean it badly: These intimate topics are anything but small talk and in many cases completely inappropriate. Maybe a couple is trying to get pregnant right now? Perhaps one side is waiting longingly for a marriage proposal or does not dare to make itself … Pressure that you feel yourself is one thing. Pressure in the partnership is another.

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Early 30s: We are actually in our prime

Incidentally: family, getting married, children - everything is super nice. But there are also other things that are important to us in our early 30s. Our jobs, our friendships, our mental health, our goals … the list is long. Actually, we should prepare ourselves with counter-questions: Why do you single women in their early 30s ask about a potential partner and not about their career goals? While you're letting it sink in, here is a list of why you shouldn't have the crisis at 30, but really CELEBRATE:

By the way: Here are a few things that probably piled up on your 30th birthday

30 - Old enough to know better, too young to care:

  • You really lived it out in your 20s
  • … and be more experienced and wiser now.
  • Nevertheless, all doors are still open to you.
  • At best, you are much more confident than you were a few years ago.
  • Some topics get you upset faster.
  • Nevertheless, you are still a lot more relaxed than your parents, for example.
  • You have already gained professional experience.
  • And can look back on years of friendship.
  • Time with loved ones has become much more important to you than parties.
  • You know what is good for you and you stand by yourself and your needs.

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