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Throw it away or keep it? What to do with ex memorabilia
Throw it away or keep it? What to do with ex memorabilia

When relationships come to an end, many memories remain - often in the form of photos or letters. But what to do with the memorabilia after a breakup?

Throw away or keep? What do you do with your ex memorabilia?
Throw away or keep? What do you do with your ex memorabilia?

The ex-factor is a big issue in many relationships, because around a third of Austrian singles hold onto the memorabilia of their ex-girlfriend even after the relationship has ended. Only one in ten throws away all souvenirs in the form of photos or letters after a separation. And only four percent of singles send the items back to the ex.

Female singles more relaxed with Ex-Files

In general, female singles in Austria have a more relaxed attitude towards the ex-factor than single men. "The failure of a partnership is associated with very different feelings in the phases of a separation. The need to banish the ex-partner from the field of vision primarily depends on the type of separation. Those who overcome the acute separation pain with sadness or anger and internal ones Having made peace with it, he can often accept the memory of the ex around him. After all, there were also reasons to love one another. With age, experience and serenity grows. Men react more jealously to the ex-files or need a clearer emotional cut with the past, "says psychologist Lisa Fischbach.

If the new partner keeps mementos from the time with the ex-partner, this is a no-go for 11 percent of male singles. Only four percent of women share this view. Interesting: More men than women own a box with memorabilia from past love (13 percent men vs. 9 percent women).

Styrian singles are the most serene

Being confronted with the partner's past is the hardest part for singles in Vienna. 13 percent do not want to be reminded of their ex-partners in any way. Even visits to the same restaurants or vacation spots are refused. The Upper Austrian singles are also not a fan of keeping memorabilia and act rather impulsively: After a breakup, these things are usually thrown away here, which is what annoys a sixth of the singles in retrospect. With a new partner, however, the Upper Austrians see the ex-factor as very relaxed, for 57 percent a life before that is simply part of it.

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