Why do I like to be single at Christmas?
Why do I like to be single at Christmas?

Kiss cute guys at the Christmas party, buy something special for yourself and dance until the morning hours! Why being single is so great at Christmas.

Why do I like to be single at Christmas?
Why do I like to be single at Christmas?

Every year … my grandma asks me: "So, do you have your prince with you for Christmas?" And every year I have to explain to her that there is no prince. At Christmas dinner I am the only non-couple sitting together with the 80-year-old grandma, while pitying looks meet me from all directions and questions are asked like: "Isn't it sad to be alone in this romantic time?" Why sad??!! It's just great to be single this Christmas time. Because it has a lot of advantages:


Flirt freedom at EVERY Christmas party

At no time of the year is there so much flirting and dredging as at Christmas time. Be it at the company Christmas party or your best friend's Christmas party. Best of all, you can kiss any guy you think is cute under the mistletoe hanging around. THAT is romantic!


Celebrate kitsch

Men tend not to like the atmospheric time before Christmas, with all its Christmas carols, decorations and rituals. Singles are allowed to run the embarrassing and annoying playlist up and down on Spotify all day long or hang up pink glitter balls without him making a grinch and grumbling to us in between …


You just have to meet a family

… and that's enough. In addition, you save yourself the discussion with him where you will be and when. Whether you will visit his aunt afterwards and when his parents will come to have brunch. No thank you! The holidays with your own family are enough as it is!


You can relax over the holidays

Singles can really use the holidays to relax and don't have to rush from one meeting to the next. It's up to you who you want to meet and when and you don't have to go to the Christmas party of your friends or the couple you are friends with from his company. You can lie on the couch at home in a baggy look and without make-up … how wonderful, please?


You save yourself his present

Which is not really an advantage for us because we love to give away! But what's really not bad: we're saving a lot of money. Because we still spend the most on our partner. So instead of his watch or Xbox, you can buy yourself a gift that you've wanted for a long time.


Party, even on Christmas Eve

Yeah … even on December 24th, after you've spent the day with your family, you're still allowed to go out. And not only that. You can go out and come home whenever you want.


You can change your plans

Relationships consist only of compromises and meetings to see the other, to take care of them and to be there. That's cute too, but well … you know what's even better? To be able to do what YOU want, when you want and with whom. That's why, as a single, you can also spontaneously cancel meetings and take a break without hurting someone unbelievably.

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