Tips: From flirtation to relationship
Tips: From flirtation to relationship

The man has potential. But how does a woman manage to turn a flirtation into a serious relationship? Parship psychologist Caroline Erb reveals her 10 professional tips.

Young woman being carried piggyback by a young man on the beach
Young woman being carried piggyback by a young man on the beach

Do you know that too? You have been meeting your dream man - whether online or in realiter - for several weeks. A wonderful, hot flirt! But at some point you should also nail your head: Will that be something fix - or will it stay with the game?

Caroline Erb, couple psychologist at the online dating site Parship, has put together the most important tips for us. This is how one becomes flirt a serious one relationship:


Express expectations: Talk to your wishes openly and show initiative from time to time. This is especially true for women, who sometimes find it a little more difficult to encourage the next step …


Be an attentive listener and observer. Follow up if something interests you in particular. Go into special peculiarities or habits: “You generally don't like theater or just not opera?” Over time, you will gain more and more confidence, you can better assess your counterpart and check whether the type really suits you.


Approach communicatively: If you find a topic inappropriate or premature (such as your attitudes towards children, sex, previous relationships), say so too. Conversely, you shouldn't take it as a bad sign if the other person evades you thematically.


Message after the beep. Many initial problems arise from a silent phone. If you get someone else's answering machine or voicemail, leave them a message - but not three or ten. This is how the other person knows that you have thought of them.


Impartiality! Don't get into negative interpretations if the other person reacts unexpectedly. Better to ask kindly what is meant. This is how many a true love story has been founded - and is also an important tip for maintaining eternal love.


Find compromises. If you find yourself cornering the other with a suggestion, look for solutions that do justice to both sides. If you disagree with something, avoid a hasty "no". Better to try a counter-proposal.


Not old stories. Avoid talking about your ex. The exciting sex, his manual dexterity, how wonderful he was with the children - so there is always a mental yardstick in the room. Better to let it stay.


Friends & Family. Give your new partner plenty of time to get to know your friends and family. Such first meetings are often exhausting because they involve a lot of uncertainties. Therefore: dose carefully! And also make sure to include the new friend in conversations at the meetings. Of course he's grown up and can speak for himself (he should too) - but a "Do you think so too?" or "Didn't you say something similar the other day?" gives him the chance to take a stand without having to impose himself.


Proximity and distance. Find the balance between closeness and distance. Physical closeness and intimacy are of paramount importance in the initial phase, but do not isolate yourself too much as a couple from all other social contacts. Both shouldn't lose sight of their friends.


No overtaking maneuvers! Even if you have butterflies in your stomach and don't want to spend a second without the other: Don't rush to talk about love. Better to stay on the carpet and let your counterpart come along emotionally.

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