Why I would like to have a boyfriend for Christmas
Why I would like to have a boyfriend for Christmas

Christmas is the Celebration of Love. Already clear. And there is one reason or another why we would like to have a boyfriend for Christmas.

xmas relationship
xmas relationship

1. A change from Christmas family madness

With all the beautiful and contemplative family celebrations, one or the other stressful moment or family quarrel can arise. The loved one saves you and distracts you, be it with a hug, a walk to get a breath of air, or because he provides you with enough tranquilizing alcohol.

2. More gifts

Yes, okay, it might be a bit materialistic - but hey, we're all happy about gifts. And more people means multiple gifts. Fact!

3. No annoying family discussions about "the future one"

The annoying questions about your own love life are cleared out of the way once and for all with a person standing in front of you.

4. No sentences like:

- "You will also find someone"

- "Next year you will surely have someone too"

- "Oh, the men, they don't even know what they're missing"

- "Why don't you find anyone?"

- "Mei, being alone for Christmas is kind of difficult, isn't it?"

5. Two are better than one

Absolute Christmas fans get the full Christmas program through a friend, twice.

6. Cuddle time

After various celebrations, obligations and Christmas parties, you have someone who lies in bed with you in the evening and falls asleep in a wonderful little spoon position.

7th New Years is coming soon too

The chances of breaking up by New Year's are dwindling. So even at Christmas you don't have the stress of getting the New Year's kiss on New Year's Eve.

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