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Hype about single app "Tinder"
Hype about single app "Tinder"

After Facebook and Instagram, a single app sucks the battery out of my iPhone. The USA and England are already in tinder fever and soon we will all …

Single app hype
Single app hype

In Austria, Tinder seems to be largely unknown, but that will change rapidly within the next few weeks. Especially in England, all singles are already infected with Tinder fever. In the USA "tinder" is already known just as well as "google" or "tweet". The free app works very easily: You log in via Facebook and grant Tinder access to all Facebook data and geographic location. Tinder uses this data to find other users within 50 miles that you might like.

"Tinder is even more addictive than Facebook or Instagram!"

How does Tinder work?


An inexhaustible pool of new contacts

The biggest advantage of Tinder over other dating sites is that Tinder can access the incredibly large number of Facebook users if they have Tinder, so you can introduce you to new people almost every day and you can decide who you are in contact with want to kick and with whom not. There is no risk of being spammed with emails from uninteresting users!

Privacy issue

In order to be able to use Tinder, you need a Facebook profile with which you can log into the app. Although the operators promise that Tinder will be completely anonymous and never post anything on Facebook, there are still critical voices who say that Tinder's privacy is at risk. In the past, for example, there was such a situation with the Facebook app "Bang with Friends": It was promised that everything would be anonymous until you suddenly discovered that you could find out who was using the app from your Facebook friends.

Last names are also not displayed on Tinder. Only the first name of your Facebook profile appears in the app. Of course, known people can recognize each other immediately via the profile picture.

In the test

WOMAN editor Nadja tested Tinder for us and came to the editorial office the next day with the following summary:

"Great, I'm addicted - addicted to a new time-consuming and battery-draining app on my iPhone."

Tinder is free to download for iPhone and Android, very easy to use and really fun! It is a singles app that doesn’t fill you with "junk". You actually notice that there is a profile calculation behind it. Therefore, all of my male friends who already use Tinder were suggested to me;)

Of course, it makes much more sense to use Tinder in a city like Vienna than in a smaller city or in the country. But the principle of "fewer people, less choice" also applies in real life.

After a day of "tindering" and a really good selection of single men, I already had 10 matches. Of the 10 matches, 5 were chatted. From the 5 chats I will meet a man tomorrow. So it's not a bad rate and everything is really quick and uncomplicated.

I would recommend to any of my single friends (I already have) to give Tinder a try, because it's really fun. But be warned: Tinder is even more addictive than Facebook or Instagram!

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