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5 signs in your relationship that suggest a breakup
5 signs in your relationship that suggest a breakup

If you ask yourself: "Am I still in love?" then you are probably no longer it. Five tell-tale signs that could mean a breakup soon. And how you can still prevent that!

5 signs in your relationship that unfortunately indicate a breakup
5 signs in your relationship that unfortunately indicate a breakup

"Am I still in love? How do I feel about this person?" - If you ask yourself such questions, you can actually give yourself the answer.

No. Then you are no longer in love. But this does not automatically mean that love has disappeared. It's more that you've grown, changed, and maybe what you thought was love was a different feeling. Passion. Confirmation. Safety. Friendship.

Relationship: When feelings change

Whoever loves simply knows. Without a doubt and without asking friends about your own feelings. He also loves when there are differences of opinion (and they come at some point - without exception), when highs are followed by lows, when there is pressure from outside.

Still, love isn't just there, as a feeling. You have to work on it, any long-term couple will confirm that. If you do not do that, you cannot develop a culture of argument and, above all, a culture of reconciliation, then there is a risk that the negative feelings will gradually get out of hand.

Then you should part.

5 signs in your relationship that unfortunately indicate a breakup

We have 5 tell-tale signs that you may be breaking up soon (and how to avoid them):


Familiarity turns into boredom. The longer we are with someone, the less it is possible for us to see them as the person we fell in love with. Or to acknowledge what he's doing for us. How he is there for us and supports us. Familiarity is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it slowly turns into a habit. From habit to boredom. We'll put one foot in front of the door again, at some point both of them. And don't come back. In order to avoid this, you should consciously fall in love with your partner again and again. Finding his or her habits lovable again, appreciating his or her actions. But that can't be a one-sided story. Your counterpart must be ready for it as well.


Missing talks. Conversations connect people. If we give up this part of our relationship and no longer communicate with one another, then there is no longer any basis. As soon as we begin to tell other people more about us, our feelings and our life than our partner or our partner, then your love is dying. If you make an effort to talk but the other party is not interested, then you need help - or should break up.


Sex becomes an obligation. No, we can't always be sharp on each other. There are phases when there is more passion. And those in which there is less desire for one another. However, if sex is a compulsory event for a longer period of time, then you should consider breaking up. Because then you are only roommates. You like your roommate. But you don't love him. By the way: while men bond emotionally during sex, what counts for women is more the attention they receive outside of the bedroom. If a couple fails to strike a certain balance between these two needs, the relationship becomes in crisis.


You only feel alive in the company of others. If you have the choice of hanging out with girlfriends or your boyfriend, it's okay if you prefer your girlfriends every now and then. But if you notice that you can only be really relaxed and have fun in the company of others, then it is time to rethink your relationship. Or find aspects again why the presence of your partner is beautiful after all.


You are in the negative spiral. Have you already noticed that you only list the negative aspects of your relationship with others? That you no longer speak respectfully about your partner, but rather disparagingly? You are in a negative spiral that is dragging your relationship down. You can consciously counteract this by stopping. And prefer to look for the beautiful things. Or you realize that they no longer exist. And draw the consequences …

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