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Online dating: This is the information that singles lie the most
Online dating: This is the information that singles lie the most

Is it the age The job? When we are looking for a partner, we present ourselves from the best side. That's why we're fooling a little about these things …

Singles lie in online dating
Singles lie in online dating

You didn't think that someone could be incredibly successful at work and still focus on family and leisure, did you? If so, you have most likely already been informed at the first meeting that the reality does not exactly match the information on the online dating profile of the person you are talking to. Yes, it is the bitter truth: There is a little bit of whispering here and there on the Internet. And we've already caught ourselves fooling this one guy into thinking we'd been doing yoga today. We ended up completely exhausted with a plate of pasta in front of the TV. But with which information do singles actually lie the most? Jean Meyer, CEO of the dating app Once, has the answers.

1. Singles often cheat on old age

We knew it was going to be lied for as long as it could! A younger age seems to improve the odds. But be aware of this: "Anyone who fools about old age will sooner or later be found out. That can quickly become very uncomfortable for both sides," says Meyer. We totally agree! If the other person gets stuck with numbers, he or she isn't worth it anyway.

2. Whaaat ?! The relationship status is also whispered

People who pretend to be looking for a partner, but are in fact in solid hands for a long time, are considered nightmare in the online dating world. The deliberate indication of a wrong relationship status in the dating profile is not only an absolute no-go for Meyer, but also a prime example of tangible fraud. So if you only want to meet in your home and never invite you over, you are suspicious …

3. Successful, single, looking for …

Professional success is a status symbol - that much is certain. "When it comes to careers, some singles tend to cheat their way into higher positions or even change jobs," says Jean Meyer. It is probably a little more difficult for potential partners to get to the bottom of the matter. But an unexpected meeting with colleagues on the street or a single email can expose the fraud. So: Honesty lasts the longest!

Conclusion: The dating expert knows not only about job, age and relationship status, but also about athleticism. In order not to fall into the trap naively, he advises keeping your eyes open: "A useful tip for identifying potential 'cheaters' is to pay particular attention to details. Professional achievements, time-consuming hobbies and family people? here you can be suspicious"

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