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Women talk about why they dropped out of dates
Women talk about why they dropped out of dates
Women talk about things they turn off on dates
Women talk about things they turn off on dates

Almost everyone has a story about the guy who started everything so promisingly and then drifted in a completely wrong direction at some point. A wrong word, an incredibly annoying habit, a racist comment - the reasons are completely different. You stared at the object of desire from afar in the bus for months, texted or telephoned each other for weeks and never suspected that the other person was such a complete idiot.

We asked women which habits and things they immediately get rid of on their date and which are an absolute no-go - and we were told wonderful stories.

No-gos on dates: this is why women canceled dates

Mathilda, 43

It would have been such a promising Tinder date! Because like me, he travels a lot and likes to travel and so we had quite a bit of material to talk about. But when he told about Namibia he suddenly interjected: "I don't know if that bothers you, but I still say n *** r." My face froze at that second and I was just shocked how such a well-traveled person can be so narrow-minded and reckless. Because yes, of course it bothers me when you describe people in a way that they decidedly reject. The date didn't last too long after we tried to discuss this …

Jasmine, 23

I don't know which dating guide it is in, but men kept telling me on dates "You give very differently to the other girls". But honestly - you're not impressing me by knocking down all the other women on earth. Stop doing that!

Julia, 28

I met the guy on the way out and we exchanged numbers, pretty drunk, and then started texting. I honestly couldn't even really remember what he looked like. But he was shameful, we seemed to have a lot in common and I had the feeling that I had known this man forever. We met. And suddenly it fell like scales from my eyes. He looked like my papa - only 20 years younger … He kept quoting Kafka - like my papa. And its scent was anything but foreign to me - it was the perfume that - you guessed it - my papa wears too. In retrospect, I'm really sorry, but "Mr. Kafka" was the first and only man I have hosted in my life.

Theresa, 41

A date picked me up from work in the car and drove completely recklessly. It looked like he was going to kill me on the spot.

Nadja, 29

Once I went home alone straight after a dinner date because my date was extremely unfriendly to our waitress. You don't have to be mean to look masculine. Besides, he didn't tip a single cent. Disaster!

Miriam, 30

Well, I really don't want to seem superficial, but there are some no-gos that I've noticed on dates that I've identified as a problem. And I'm talking about online dates, men I have never seen in my life before. On the one hand, there are completely chewed off nails that make me feel gray pear. On the other hand, it was actually the case that the guy's robe smelled. So to a flat share where people smoke and apparently neither washing powder nor anything else was used. And if I were all mean, I would say now that I didn't like a guy live after seeing his teeth. He skilfully avoided smiling in the photos.

So and now to the "inner values": Someone pissed me off because they only talked about themselves. He probably wanted to make himself super interesting and told us about his travels and his job. And I just didn't have more space than nodding or saying "aha". As soon as I said something about myself, he turned around and began the sentence with "Just like me …". And then it started again. Dear men, listening and asking is much more attractive than a story from your life that should "tear us off our feet". Cheers to the humility!

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