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Are we creating a long-distance relationship?
Are we creating a long-distance relationship?

You only see each other on weekends - if at all. Can that survive a relationship? Many have already failed, but others have also mastered it!

long-distance relationship
long-distance relationship

Will our relationship survive an international job offer?

"My boyfriend and I, both 28, have been together for eight months. But we don't live together. I have the opportunity to go abroad from January onwards. I'm torn and don't know whether this could survive our relationship.

My boyfriend is studying in Vienna, I'm already working and want to change. But I'm also very attached to this relationship and I don't want to lose it. He doesn't want to put any obstacles in my way. But it is not easy for him.

How do we find out if remote living could be a threat to us without trying it out? I am afraid of losing him. But I also want to get ahead professionally."

The expert's advice:

Couple counselor, psychologist and author Dr. Michael Schmitz is familiar with relationships and offers realistic advice from a male perspective and with a lot of heart.

Dr. Schmitz: Without trying it out, you won't find out. You cannot know what will come out of which decision in the end.

But you shouldn't block yourself. Abroad and professional advancement are very important to you. You don't want to miss the chance. So talk to your boyfriend about how you can keep your relationship going if you leave. True love is distance.

The question is more: How far are you apart from each other? Everything in Europe is close. You could be together overnight. How long do you want to stay abroad? When could he follow you? Under which conditions?

Meanwhile, many couples struggle to find arrangements that do not sacrifice the partnership for professional success. It's going ok.

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