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Proven: This workout is the most effective
Proven: This workout is the most effective

Do you want a firm bottom and trained abdominal muscles as quickly as possible? Studies have now shown which workout brings the fastest results: HIIT. But what is it really?

Proven: HIIT Workouts Are Most Effective!
Proven: HIIT Workouts Are Most Effective!

Well, similar wishes? The buttocks could get a little crunchier, the abdominal muscles can be seen again under the feel-good bacon … But what is the easiest way to do that? Which workout shows the fastest results? Fascia training? Swim? To run? Zumba? Studies have now shown which fitness program you use to train most effectively.

HIIT: This workout brings the fastest results

Unfortunately: It is not a program for wimps. Really not. But as is well known, nothing comes from nothing. If you want to define your muscles and tighten the connective tissue, you have to get moving.

In a word: HIIT. The abbreviation for "High Intensity Interval Training" stands for the best workout in the world. Ideal for losing weight, perfect for increasing your endurance and muscle strength. Particularly ingenious: With HIIT you even burn calories AFTER training (unlike other endurance sports).

What is HIIT?

With HIIT, short, high-intensity exercise phases alternate with short recovery phases. So it works like a "shower change" on your body and metabolism. The mix of exertion and relaxation forces the body to burn calories for a long time - the "afterburn effect" persists even after the workout has ended. Why? Quite simply: the greater the difference between the metabolism at rest and that during training, the longer it takes the body to shut down again. And the more calories it burns on the way back to normal.

  • High intensity phase: You go to your maximum load limit for a certain period of time. Usually these time intervals are no longer than 30-60 seconds.
  • Recovery phase: In the following phase, you will recover at a moderate pace for about two to three times the duration of your exertion phase.

Another advantage (for us permanently stressed, whose everyday life is an excuse for sport): In contrast to cardio or strength training, you can achieve your training goal with HIIT in half or even a third of the time!

HIIT: That Burns Body Fat

In order to demonstrate the rapid success of HIIT, a research team divided the 27 participants into two groups. One test group did conventional endurance training, such as jogging or cycling, the other HIIT. The convincing result after a few weeks of training: The HIIT group lost three times (!) As much body fat as the other group - although they burned only half as many calories in total.

The conclusion of the study: 60 minutes of HIIT workouts per week are just as effective as 150 minutes of endurance training. Your endurance performance can be increased just as much in 15 minutes as with a one-hour aerobic endurance training. However, a 60-minute class is definitely too long for most. Because you should really get the maximum out of HIIT in short intervals. Almost no one can do this for over an hour - so you either don't give EVERYTHING (bad!) Or you overexert yourself (which also has a rather negative effect).

Studies have shown that three times a week for 27 minutes of HIIT leads to the same physiological improvements as five times a week for 60 minutes of cardio training.

Hmmpppffffffffff. We really have no choice but to lift our Podex from the couch.

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