Pamela Reif - Instagram star in talk
Pamela Reif - Instagram star in talk

We met Instagram star Pamela Reif for an interview and talked to her about her social media success and her beauty secrets!

Pamela Reif Instagram star
Pamela Reif Instagram star

Pamela Reif from Karlsruhe is one of the most successful Instagram women in German-speaking countries. When she was 15 years old, she posted pictures on her Instagram account for the first time. At that time, friends and family followed her. Today her Instagram account is worth cash from which many brands want to benefit. In an interview with WOMAN, the 19-year-old tells how she was able to build a reach of over 2 million followers and why having fun will always be more important to her than all the money in the world.

WOMAN: You are now followed by over 2 million people on Instagram. How did it all start?

Pamela: It was never my intention to generate so many followers at some point, it just happened that way. I uploaded photos to Instagram when I was 15, i.e. 4 years ago. A big advantage was definitely that I was one of the first on the social media platform. Back then, even the world's most successful blogger, Chiara Ferragni, had "only" one million followers.

WOMAN: Why do people follow you?

Pamela: I always involve my community. If I do something, it should have added value. I give shopping tips, show fitness exercises and motivate people. I always try to stay authentic and I guess my followers like that.

WOMAN: Does your success also have to do with the fact that you don't post food pics or landscapes, but only pictures of yourself?

Pamela: Instagram is overflowing with pretty pictures. The aim is for my followers to immediately recognize in their stream that it is a photo of me and of course this works best when I can be seen on it.

“People like natural, authentic photos, like mirror selfies. «

WOMAN: Which photos do users like the most?

Pamela: People like natural, authentic photos, such as mirror selfies. So you can tell immediately that this is not a big photo shoot, but a picture that I just took.

WOMAN: Where do your followers come from?

Pamela: The majority from Germany - but a large part also from the USA and Russia. It is particularly interesting that 66% of my followers are female. I'm very happy because I want to address women!

WOMAN: With over 2 million followers, Instagram is probably your main job by now, right?

Pamela: After graduating from high school, I took a year off and was able to concentrate intensively on Instagram. You have to say that I didn't earn a cent with it in the first three years and that the focus is still not on it. I just enjoy it and I want to give people something to share.

WOMAN: Well, but you’re making money with that now, I guess? Stars like Kylie Jenner reportedly take $ 300,000 per posting. How much does a post cost on average for you?

Pamela: It is totally different and always depends on the customer, so I can't give you any information.

"I only advertise things that I can justify with a clear conscience!"

WOMAN: Surely you get inquiries every day. How do you choose the brands that you are promoting?

Pamela: My agency Pulse Advertising and I work very selectively and reject 99% of all inquiries. It is important that the brand suits me and my everyday life. In the best case, there are products that I use anyway. I only advertise things that I can justify with a clear conscience!

WOMAN: Are there any brands that you advertise for free?

Pamela: There are many Instagrammers who have everything sent to them and don't ask for anything, but I don't do that. As a rule, I don't advertise on my Instagram profile very much, and when I do, it's only in the interest of my followers.

WOMAN: You can be seen in sportswear on many posts. How many times a week do you really go to the gym?

Pamela: For the last 4 years I have been doing sport for one hour 4 to 5 times a week. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm really exhausted afterwards!

WOMAN: Not much?! We are happy if we do sport once a week! But what training do you do then?

Weight training, I don't like endurance training … I prefer to work with heavy weights.

WOMAN: Yes, you can see that. Your body is perfect! Just like your face and your beautiful hair. Is everything real or is it helped a bit?

Pamela: I'm not an opponent of cosmetic surgery, but at the moment I don't have a need for it.

WOMAN: And your hair is real?

Pamela: Yeah, they're real - no extensions (laughs).

“Even my eyelashes are real. I inherited from my mom!"

WOMAN: But your eyelashes are fake, aren't they?

Pamela: Even my eyelashes are real. I inherited from my mom!

WOMAN: Okay, now we're jealous … do you need a long morning in the bathroom?

Pamela: About 20-30 minutes.

WOMAN: Would you go outside without makeup?

Pamela: Sure, I do it every now and then, but I just love putting on make-up. For me this is not something that annoys me.

WOMAN: Do many people recognize you on the street by now?

Pamela: Personally, I don't see myself as a star, but people actually recognize me again and again and speak to me. I'm very happy because I think it's important to be in contact with my followers.

WOMAN: What does a normal day in your life look like at the moment?

Pamela: I don't feel like I work all day. I cook fresh three times a day and use organic products, do sports, have shoots, plan projects, travel or do interviews as I have just done (laughs).

WOMAN: Under your photos there are sometimes over 1000 comments from users. You can never read them all, can you?

Pamela: I take the time to read the comments. The feedback from my followers is really, really important. Every day in the evening I read everything through and try to respond to the wishes and suggestions of my followers. This is also extremely important for my personal motivation!

WOMAN: How are you going? Do you just stay an Instagram or do you have other plans?

Pamela: I want to go on as long as possible, but am currently planning my own blog, which will go live in about 2 to 3 weeks. There will then be many personal articles and posts in which I can finally answer the questions of my followers, such as: "Pamela, how do you take care of your hair?" (laughs). Later on, I would like to build my own brand and possibly bring out a fashion or fitness line.

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