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Looking for a workout plan? These fitness bloggers post plans on Instagram
Looking for a workout plan? These fitness bloggers post plans on Instagram

Have you lost track in the flood of home workout videos? These three fitness bloggers post their workout plan on Instagram.

Fitness plan workout plan
Fitness plan workout plan

Every now and then a home workout, now and then running, then yoga again - do you also have the feeling that you are a little lacking in the overview of your workout? Sure, exercise is always good, regardless of whether you are doing sports at home or taking a dip in the fresh air. But if you want to achieve a goal and target muscle groups in a targeted manner, you should already come up with a workout plan. And the motivation is much greater when you can make a hook after training. These three German bloggers provide such workout plans. That means you take a screenshot and have a fitness plan for a whole week - and you don't have to look for and organize the videos of the three fitness queens yourself.

Pamela Reif's workout plan

Thousands of women sweat daily to their videos and wait week after week for a new workout plan: Pamela Reif is incredibly successful with her YouTube videos. Rightly so, because anyone who has ever tried a workout from her knows that there is a lot going on here! Pamela puts workout plans for beginners and advanced users in her Instagram highlights week after week. There are plans with 30 or 45 (with or without Fatburn Boost) minutes a day. The best thing to do is to take a screenshot and prepare the appropriate videos of Pamela right away.

Mady Morrison Workout Plan

The yoga blogger Mady Morrison has now put so many YouTube videos online that her followers may find it a little difficult to make the right choice. For this reason, she also makes workout plans available in her Instagram highlights. For yogis who like to practice in the morning and in the evening, for beginners and those who would like a little more stress with yoga and also like to work up a sweat.

Workout plan by Caro Daur

Caro Daur is more of a fashion blogger, but has also released some home workout videos on YouTube in the last few months, which are particularly useful during the quarantine period. And she, too, has developed a system and has made specific workout plans available in her highlights for a few weeks. By the way, this is where we tested your famous HIIT workout.

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